When I was little, it seemed my parents couldn’t decide between two very different cities to live in. My maternal grandparents lived in a tropical area, and my paternal grandparents lived in the midwest, in an area that gets frigidly cold. My parents moved from one location to the other every year or so. It didn’t really bother me because I was used to it and I had good friends in both places. I remember sitting in the back seat of our car, heading north, hoping that our new home had heating through the floor vents. I remember living in a few different places, a couple places had radiators and the others had forced air heating through vents on the floor. Those were the places I liked best. After playing in the snow, I loved to come inside and sit on the floor behind the warm vent and enjoy the nice, warm air coming through. I only remember standing near a radiator to warm up once, and I didn’t get very warm. The radiators must have kept our house warm enough, because I didn’t really remember being too cold much, but, I sure loved those vents. The vents also meant something else to me. They meant that, during the hot, summer months, we would have air conditioning, as well. I remember one house that we lived in, we had no air conditioning in the living room or my bedroom. My parents had an air conditioner in their bedroom window, but, all I had in my window was a fan. Oh, how I prayed for those floor vents that day!

A/C installation 

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