I have a friend that owns a roofing company, and, knowing that I am always in need of cash, he pays me to clean up his jobsites when they complete a job, or, when they are on a big job, Saturdays. The work isn’t all that difficult. I clean up broken tiles, construction debris, and the garbage my friend’s employees have left around the site. Small jobs only take a couple of hours, but, big jobs, the ones I clean on Saturdays, can take a good part of the day. And, summers are the worst. I live in the South and temperatures often get into the triple digits. I take my breaks in my air conditioned Jeep. I also bring plenty of cool water, not just for drinking, but, for pouring over my head.I stay much cooler much longer when my hair is wet. I also keep a wet cloth around my neck, wear light breathable clothing, and dance in the rain during the summer storms. Actually, I try to get finished before the daily summer storm, because, once it passes, the sun comes back out and the humidity stays unbearable. But, I usually don’t stay at the site that long. I arrive early, before the heat of the day. I usually take two short breaks in my air conditioned Jeep, and leave around lunch time. That way, I have the rest of my Saturday to do what I want to do.

A/C tune-up 

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