My husband and I are on an adventure, spending thirty days riding a motorcycle from the east coast to the west coast.  Along the way, we have experienced a few issues with the weather.  Since we have no access to heating or air conditioning, we do our best to adjust our clothing to the conditions.  Yesterday morning, we started out at around ten thirty and the temperature was already in the high eighties.  Over the next several hours, it just got hotter and hotter.  We were extremely overheated and sweaty.  We needed to stop every few hours, get inside an air conditioned coffee shop or restaurant and cool off.  The air conditioning felt absolutely wonderful.  Shortly after noon, the sky clouded up, turned dark, and suddenly there was rain.  It happened so quickly, that we were totally wet before we had a chance to pull over and put on our rain suits.  Unfortunately, there was no where to hole up for a while until the storm passed.  I was really wishing for a nice dry, air conditioned coffee shop at that point.  After about an hour of rain, the storm cleared and the sun came out.  We were dressed in our rain suits with the sun beating down on us.  There was no opportunity to pull off the road and peel off those heavy suits.  We had sweat running right down our faces, and I couldn’t wait to finally arrive at our hotel.  I was so thankful that our room featured a properly functioning cooling system that we could control to suit our preferences.

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