If your HVAC system isn’t running in pristine condition, then you run the risk of higher than average electric bills.  There are many ways to keep your HVAC unit running effectively and efficiently.  Many of these things can be done by the homeowner, without hiring a professional HVAC service company. One important step you can take is to routinely check the vents and filters.  This should be done monthly, especially in the winter and summer when your HVAC unit works the hardest.  I have chosen the day I change my filter and clean the vents, to be the same day as I pay the mortgage, so that I never forget.  I buy the air filters a half dozen at a time, so I always have a new one on hand. It’s important to inspect the old filter when you remove it.  This is a great time to make sure that it’s not wet from condensation, or covered in excess dirt and debris.  Both of which can be early signs that you may have a problem. I also clean all the air vents and intake vents in the house on this day.  I use a light dusting tool to clean the vents. It’s simple maintenance that doesn’t take very long, but really helps to maintain the life of your unit. Changing the air filters regularly also helps to maintain healthy air quality. Changing the filters regularly can help defer your energy costs by as much as 15%. That is great energy savings for a task that takes very little time.

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There are many things that I wish I could do. I just never have the money for them. I always seem to be paying for something. I want to go to concerts and enjoy my summer but there is no money to do so. This summer I even put a lot of money down on replacing my HVAC system. My last HVAC unit stopped working. I had no idea where it came from. I had no problems with it before this had happened. Apparently the whole thing fell apart and there was so much to fix that it would be better to buy a new one. The system was a bit old but nothing crazy. So, I installed a brand new HVAC system. It is a central air conditioning system. It is the most basic system you can buy pretty much. There is not a whole lot that goes into it. The central air conditioning system is controlled by the thermostat put at the far end of the house. It tells the HVAC unit what to do. Then the HVAC unit sends temperature controlled air through the air ducts behind my walls. The air gets released into my house through air vents. This fills my house with the temperature controlled air. The house maintains this temperature through a setting on the thermostat. All I have to do is adjust the temperature when needed. It truly is a luxury to have and I love having it all of the time. I was just annoyed to have to pay for a whole new air conditioning system. I just replaced the one I had before to make it easy.

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My best friend lives in an apartment in town. My friend has a tiny living space. Her apartment complex is not fancy and the landlords are very lax with maintenance. They never show any sense of timeliness about resolving issues. When you call the office to report a problem they say the maintenance people will call to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Days and days later no one has called. When you call again they tell you the same thing. During the summer, her air conditioner went out. When she called and complained the office told her they would have some one call to schedule an appointment soon. She waited and after 2 days no one had called. During those two days she had to stay with her parents because it was just too hot to stay at her apartment. The air conditioner was running and making noise but was not producing any cold air. After more complaints and phone calls the HVAC technician finally called her back 4 days later. They could not come fix her AC for another 3 days. When the HVAC specialist finally arrived the problem was simple to fix and her A/C was running again within 30 minutes. The HVAC repairman said if the apartment complex did proper routine maintenance there would not have been a problem with her AC to start with. My friend has decided that when her lease is up she will be moving somewhere else. She hopes to buy a house so she can be in charge of her own HVAC maintenance plan.

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I live in the south.  In my area, there is warm to moderate temperatures throughout the year. Winter is a welcomed change after the humidity of summer. The crisp air, cool breeze, and the changing colors in the leaves are signs of the start of winter. The jackets, boots, and scarves start to show up on the streets, and there’s always more shoppers at the malls. There is something unique about this time of year. The coolness in the air gets everybody thinking about the start of the holidays, hot drinks, and special time with family plus friends. For most of us southerners, this time of year is when the furnace gets started. It is important to make sure your gas or oil furnace is working at peak capacity, and ready for the short winter months. Unfortunately, most people don’t give a thought to their furnaces until the cold has already arrived. It is necessary to inspect all makes and models of furnaces before the temperature changes.  I don’t regularly inspect my gas furnaces because I tend to forget. I have sometimes waited until November or December before scheduling professional maintenance. I know that to ensure my furnace is working properly, I need to schedule proactive service from a licensed  HVAC business. A certified HVAC technician is trained in proper procedures, and complete any necessary repairs.  They also make sure the heating system is working safely and efficiently. . If there is any doubt that your gas or oil furnace is working safely, you should call an HVAC contractor immediately. Even though winters in the south are short and not all that cold, I certainly don’t want to be cold and shivering.

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I have been living with the same sister for over five years, while she is far from the worst, I just cannot help but desire my own space to myself. I cannot wait to be able to leave a glass on the kitchen table and come back to it whenever I feel it and make whatever messes I so choose. I am not able to afford my own home, but I can still dream about owning one someday. I would love to have a home that was filled with any and all things eco-friendly. I am all about reducing my carbon footprint. For instance, did you know that there is an electricity free refrigerator? You install it in your backyard under nine feet of dirt. The tube like fridge uses the coolness from the Earth’s floor to keep everything cool and fresh. I would also love to put in a geothermal HVAC system into my home. While they are expensive upfront, they are entirely worth your dime. The savings that you will make from your air conditioning bill alone will have you with a return soon enough. Geothermal HVAC units use state of the art technology to properly insulate your home and making sure not to overwork itself. It only cools down rooms in use so that you are not spending unnecessary funds on things you are not using. Geothermal HVAC units can be purchased split if you have small amounts of installation space. Geothermal HVAC units are recommended for all replacements and renovations due to it’s incredible turnaround in the initial purchase.

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I live in the south, where there is moderate to mild temperatures throughout the year. Winter is a lovely change of pace. The crisp air, cool breeze, and the change in the leaves signals  the start of winter. The heavy coats, boots, and scarves start to come out of the closet. Shoppers tend to  flood the malls. There is something wonderful about this time of year. The coolness in the air makes me think of the holidays, hot chocolate, and time with family and friends. For most of us southerners, this time of year is when the heating systems gets turned on. It is essential to make sure your furnace is working and prepared for the start of the winter season. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider their heating systems until the cold has already arrived. It is necessary to check the furnace prior to the drop in outside temperature. I don’t regularly check my furnace because I rarely use it, and sometimes I neglect the HVAC equipment until it’s too late.  To ensure your heating systems is working reliably, it is highly advisable to hire an HVAC serviceman to come out and inspect your system. These technicians are trained and can ensure safe and proper operation from your furnace. They also handle any necessary repairs in the future.  If there is any question whether your furnace is working as it should, you should call an HVAC technician immediately. Even though winters in the south are usually short, no one likes to be cold.

I was very excited to have my first big party last month for a friend of mine who was just promoted. All of my colleagues and even some of my family were coming, and many coworkers were bringing their significant others and kids too. There were about 50 or so coming, so the plans took a lot of time and organization. I have some very kind friends who pitched in and helped with moving furniture and setting up tables. I was doing some dishes and suddenly realized there was no hot water. I had a real sinking feeling as I checked all the faucets in the house and they all had cold water coming out of the hot water tap. I slowly inched my way to the garage where the hot water heater was, and sure enough, there was water all over the floor. With so many people coming over in a few hours, I think I nearly lost it. I went to the kitchen where my helpers were working and told them the bad news. I really didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, a friend knew an HVAC professional and go an emergency call in to him. He was there in an hour. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything as the water heater was shot. I needed a new one. He told me they will last about 15 years, and that’s how old mine was. Since there was nothing he could do at that moment, he gave me his card and said he’d be happy to come back and go over my options the next day. So, we went through the evening washing and showering in cold water. It was certainly not the worst thing that ever happened to me, but definitely in the top ten.


I live in the south with moderate to warm temperatures throughout the year. Winter is a welcomed change of pace. The crisp air, cool breeze, and the change in the leaves is the start of winter. The sweaters, boots, and scarves start to come out and the busy shoppers flood the malls. There is something special about this time of year. The coolness in the air triggers the start of the holidays, warm drinks, and time with family and friends. For most of us southerners, this time of year is when the heaters come back on. It is important to make sure your heating system is working and ready for the short winter months. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about their heaters until the cold has already arrived. It is important to check the heating systems long before the first fall leaf changes color. We don’t regularly check our heating systems because we rarely use them, and sometimes we wait until it’s too late.  To ensure your heaters and/or furnaces are working properly it is highly advisable to get an HVAC technician to come out and check your systems. These technicians are trained and can assist with the proper heating and furnace installation. They also handle any necessary repairs and services you may need. If there is any doubt that your heating system is not working, you should call an HVAC technician immediately. Even though winters in the south are just a few short months, no one likes to be cold during those chilly winter nights!HVAC unit

When I heard that my grandmother was ill, I decided to visit during summer vacation. When I got to her house I was shocked at how hot it was. It was sweltering inside her place. The first thing I did was look for the air conditioner. My grandma had no air-conditioning. She did not even have a simple ductless mini split air conditioner to cool. We live in the deep south where the temperatures get quite high. How can she survive without any cooling for the summer? The moment I figured out her lack of cooling I told her that I was calling the local HVAC provider to send over an air conditioning and heating technician right away! When the HVAC technician arrived and felt how hot it was, he was not surprised she was sick. The older generation really needs to be in a climate control environment. He said that for most older folks even install heavy duty cooling systems like high velocity air conditioning. This is a cooling system with flexible, small ductwork. Also it can quickly lower the temperature in the home in a matter of minutes. I told him that is the system that she needs. He had her feeling cool in no time. He got Grandma’s house set up with a terrific high velocity A/C unit and just twenty minutes later she looked like her happy self again. She had so much more energy. I thanked the service technician and sent him on his way. I was so glad to see my grandma feeling better under the effects of the nice, cold air conditioning.

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It was a long weekend of school clothes shopping, buying notebooks and pencils, and hearing the kids complain about how it isn’t fair that they didn’t get a new tablet for the next school year. I took the kids to the mall to do a bit of shopping at the department stores. That was the beginning of a long nightmare.  I have four children that range in age from six to sixteen years old.  It’s already a chore taking them all shopping, but going to the mall for school clothes is a nightmare for any parent.  We were at a large department store, and the three youngest boys were trying on clothes in the dressing room, when all of a sudden the power shut off, and everything went dark.  Immediately, the temperature started to rise without the air conditioning running.  I thought for sure that the backup generators would kick on shortly, but that never happened.  The store clerk came over to inform us that there was an electrical issue, and that it would be resolved quickly, but that we should stay put until the lights came back on. Thirty five minutes later, we were sitting on the floor of the dressing room, drenched in sweat, wondering what the problem was.  We were unable to leave the store because the electrical problem had caused the gates to close.  I don’t know what the problem ended up being, but I know I was miserable once there was no air conditioning.  Shopping In the summer time for school clothes is a crummy chore, especially when it’s 90 degrees outside, and there is no air conditioning to cool you down.

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