Living somewhere where when my AC unit is running all day can only can keep my room at eighty eight degrees is uncomfortable. It does not seem to cool down until around eleven at night. Because of this, I always have to leave home and do my work at coffee shops or other public, wifi friendly businesses. Some may be able to do their work diligently in public, I cannot. I get too distracted by people in coffee shops ordering, talking on their phones and children running around. I find that it takes me over twice the amount of time to do my work when I am out than when I am at home. While having a proper air conditioning is vital to be able to get my work done, so is having proper peace and quiet. I suppose I really need to start doing all of my work at libraries. At least there is a rule for keeping the volume at reasonable volumes. This way I am able to be cooled down by their properly working HVAC system, but I am also able to concentrate. However, it is not my home and I still value the comfort of my own bed or desk to do my work. I find that I am able to relax in the comfort of my home and work efficiently just fine. I just wish that a HVAC technician could actually fix the air circulation issue. However, I live in an apartment that is over one hundred years old and therefore would require a lot of time and resources to renovate. I have a ceiling and floor fan running constantly, but the temperature is still too uncomfortable to do work. Anytime a HVAC technician comes out to inspect they only change the air filter and tell us that the AC unit is working the best that it can against the extreme heat.

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My husband and I unexpectedly just came into quite a bit of money. We decided to buy a house. There aren’t a lot of houses for sale in my little home town, and we wanted one outside of town on a small piece of land. We found a fixer-upper that had good wiring and plumbing, so we jumped on it. The first project on our agenda was having air conditioning and heating installed. The previous owners must have used window units for air conditioning and there was a gas heater in the main hallway. That wasn’t going to work for my family. So, I did a little research and found a geothermal heating and air conditioning system that came with a fifty-year warranty! I was shocked! A fifty-year warranty on an air conditioning and heating unit? At first, I couldn’t believe it. I already knew a traditional HVAC unit would need to be replaced every fifteen years or so, and I felt the extra money spent on a geothermal unit would be well spent. A geothermal unit pulls the heat from underground to heat the home in winter, and returns the heat to the ground when it cools the home in the summer months. And, it leaves a small carbon footprint. What an ecologically friendly way to go! My husband and I decided to go one step further. Although the geothermal air conditioning and heating system is energy efficient, we went one step further and had solar panels installed on the back side of our roof. Now we can enjoy eco-friendly guilt free living, have extremely low energy bills, and enjoy the comfort and improved air quality of our geothermal air conditioner and heater in our new home. I can’t think of any better way to spend our unexpected windfall.

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Those who live in a very warm climate like the south know that visiting stores and restaurants require a sweater sometimes. For whatever reason, some business owners believe the inside temperature of their establishment needs to hover around 40 degrees lower than outside. When the temperature is in the nineties and the humidity is over 90 percent, it’s pretty uncomfortable, and going into a nice cool restaurant is a relief. However, if the restaurant is too cold, it can feel just as uncomfortable. I went with some friends to a steak house last summer and I was so cold after being there for an hour, I had to take a walk outside just to warm up. It turned out we had been sitting right underneath one of the vents, so we moved to the next table and it was somewhat warmer. In the summer, the south can also experience some pretty amazing rain storms. Amazingly, the storms can drop the temperature 20-30 degrees in just a few minutes. This can cause even more discomfort when entering a business that’s too cold. I often wonder what their thermostat must be set at, and how much these folks are paying to keep that AC pumping the icy air in all day long. Of course, it might also have something to do with their owning a high end and well performing HVAC unit. Whatever might be the case, I do wish some of them would turn down the thermostat ten degrees or so. In the meantime, I keep a sweatshirt with me whenever I go shopping or out to eat in the summer.


I grew up in a small house in a nice neighborhood where everyone knew everyone else’s name. The children were all friends and the parents treated other parents’ children like their own. It was the type of neighborhood that any child would have been lucky to grow up in. I enjoyed living there with my family for the first ten years of my life. Then, in fifth grade, my family learned that there were three sinkholes on our property. My mom was afraid that something was going to happen to us or the house if we stayed there, so we started house hunting. At first, the idea of moving was really exciting. But the more my family looked at new houses, the less exciting the thought of moving became. I had no desire to leave my friends and their families, who had become like my family, or even to leave the only house that had ever been home to me. After hunting high and low for the right house, we settled on one that was nestled back on a lake in a quiet neighborhood. What drew me in was the big yard and the pool that came with it. My mom was happy about the huge fireplace and the new windows that provided extra insulation, keeping in the cold air from the air conditioning during the hot months and holding in the warm air from the heater in the cold months. The HVAC system had just been replaced a month prior to the day we moved in, so we were guaranteed to have no issues for many years to come. I lived there for eight years until I left for college and, though it was nice, the first house will always be home to me.

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I totally don’t deserve my boyfriend because of what he does for me. Basically he spends all day long fetching things and trying to make me happy. I whine, pout and get my way all of the time. You would think this would be great, but most days I just feel bad about myself. For example, when I go over to his house it must be stressful. He tries to get me to come over all the time but I am too lazy to drive. So he picks me up everytime. I then complained that his apartment was always too cold because of his air conditioner. He now adjusts the thermostat as he is leaving. Then he picks me up and when we arrive to his place, it is the perfect temperature controlled environment. The cooling system is set to my specifications, not his. I also complained that I hated leaving his perfect controlled area to get food. Now he prepares food for me when I come over. But since the oven is on, it feels a little too hot. Did I complain about the temperature again? Yes, I made his life more difficult. He now has programmed his smart thermostat to be at one temperature when I arrive and then begin cooling when he cooks. That way I never have to go without comfort. His needs and desires are apparently not a factor at all. He works way too hard at this. I am really not worth all of that work, he really could do much better.\

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Taking a road trip is wonderful fun. When we travel we always stay in a variety of places. Sometimes we stay in hotels that are older and other times we stay in new, or recently remodeled hotels. We took a trip from north to south once and stayed in multiple hotels and motels. It was during the fall when the weather fluctuates between hot and cold anyway, with traveling north to south and back again there was, even more, fluctuation than normal. It would be hot in the south and cold in the north. It would be hot during the day and cold at night. There was no happy medium. The heating and cooling in hotel rooms can make or break your stay. If you cannot find a decent setting on the HVAC unit you will not sleep well. One hotel had old HVAC units with knobs. This heater either left us freezing or sweating. There was no in between with heating or cooling. We were miserable all night and all too happy to move on in the morning. The next night, we had a wonderful HVAC system with a thermostat on the wall. You could set the temperature so it automatically heated and cooled to the exact temperature you wanted it. We slept wonderfully in our perfectly heated room. The air conditioner came on during the day, in the heat, and the heater came on during the night when it was cold. This HVAC unit performed its job perfectly. HVAC units can make all the difference in a pleasant night’s sleep or a miserable one.

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The immediate absence of sound and cooling air made it very apparent that something was wrong. Soma and I got up from the couch where we’d been playing a very heated round of Smash and went to investigate. “Should we call the HVAC repair guy?” he muttered, scratching his head. “Didn’t we have just an air conditioner repair guy?” I wondered aloud, peering closer. “Instead of one who deals with the furnace, too?”“No, I think the HVAC business in the city sends out people for both the furnace and air conditioning stuff like this,” Soma countered, leaning back on his heels. “I think we should call them. Unless you know anything about fixing air conditioners,” he added, smirking.Remembering my escapades the previous winter when I attempted to mend the old furnace, I scowled. That was when we had first been forced to call those very same heating and cooling experts to whom Soma was referring. Their HVAC tech had shown up almost immediately and tragically bemoaned my lack of expertise. To my face. “Are you sure I couldn’t just take a better look and see if maybe I—“Soma’s hand shot out to prevent me from coming any closer. “No way, dude. HVAC is important to me, especially this time of year. I’m not going to sit back and watch you break our air conditioning even more and then have to pay for a brand new one.”I stepped back and exchanged piteous looks with the cat, who’d clearly suffered an insult simply by being woken from his nap. Soma was already reaching into his pocket for his phone to call the HVAC business. The cat and I skulked off, this time reluctantly prepared to leave the HVAC repair to the experts.

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We are blessed to live in the United States. We may forget that sometimes when we are tired of election rhetoric or scandals in the government, but deep down we know that sea-to-shining-sea is not just a pretty phrase in a song, but a gift to all of us who are fortunate to call ourselves Americans. As such, we are all the same; but, in another very real way, we have different needs based on US geography and where we call home. No matter you live, though, you definitely need a reliable and efficient heating and cooling system in your home and business.

The southwest is the hottest, driest part of our great nation. Although heating is necessary in winter, the greatest need is cooling. One option may be evaporative cooling. Evaporative systems cool the air and add moisture to the air. Perfect for my brother in Arizona!The Pacific Northwest, on the contrary, is cold and wet much of the time. A strong, reliable, efficient heating system is paramount to staying comfortable without breaking the bank. Ductless heat pumps may be a sound option to reinforce electric baseboard heaters, and the heat pumps also offer built-in cooling, which is awesome for the shorter-but-still-hot summer season.Buildings in the southeast may have traditional furnaces, but they also may not. In Florida, for example, it is typical to have one air conditioning unit that provides both heating and cooling with just the flip of a switch. Most of the year is spent cooling homes in the southeast, not heating them, but heating is important, too.The northeast and the Midwest zones enjoy all four seasons. The focus is not usually on either heating or cooling, but on an HVAC system that is efficient and reliable all year long. No matter where you live in the US, seek the advice of an HVAC provider and be sure to maintain the comfort of your home and office with an appropriate heating and cooling system.