I already own a gas furnace for my home. It is always cold, icy and windy. Winter is basically a year around adventure for us. But we do get about three to four months of summer. Summer used to not be a big deal for us. It would get a little warmer where we could wear shorts and t-shirts. I had never been too hot where I needed to invest in a cooling system. These past two summers have been hotter than usual. We are getting a few solid months of heat. I have now started thinking about buying an air conditioner for my home. Since I have no idea what to do for A/C or how to perform a cooling installation, I called a professional. The HVAC contractor recommended that I get a heat pump system rather than a cooling system. Why would I want to do that? A heat pump is about twice as much as A/C. Also a heat pump heats and cools your home. I only need the cooling function. The reason for adding a heat pump is because it can combine with the gas furnace to be a dual fuel system. This means the furnace heats in the winter and the heat pump is the air conditioner in the summer. The system then will automatically alternate between using gas and electric. It will use what energy source is more efficient and save you money. Also a heat pump system is known for being energy efficient, I will get to use it for half of the year.

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A lot of people are going green to help save the environment. They ride their bikes to work and they also recycle. Lots of people are using solar panels on the roof of their house to heat their home. There are efficient ways to heat and cool your home. A geothermal heat pump system is very energy efficient and not harmful to the environment. It does not cause any combustion byproducts. What a geothermal heat pump contains is a outdoor and indoor unit. The units need to be within fifty feet of one another and what they do is move heat energy. In the winter when you want heating, the outdoor takes the heat energy and moves it inside. In the summer the reverse happens. The cool outside air moves inside and the warmer air moves to the outdoor unit. It is a clean and fresher way to heat and cool your home. A heat pump has the outdoor unit above ground and uses the heat energy in the air. A geothermal heat pump’s outdoor unit is buried under the ground. The outdoor unit takes the energy from the earth. It is the purest and most environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. The ground’s temperature is usually at odds with the air temperature as well. In the winter below ground level there is heat energy. And in the summer the ground has cold spots in it. Use a geothermal heat pump system if you are in a moderate climate and you want to save energy.

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A few months ago, I was out playing football with some of my college friends, and I ended tearing my MCL. I had to have immediate surgery, followed by intense physical therapy for six months. The hospital that is located in our town, had just recently been remodeled. This was the first time that I had seen the building since it’s face lift, four years ago. The amenities in the waiting room were substantial. They had acquired brand new furniture, and carpeting. They also had a new area that was set up like a cafe with vending machines of all sorts, and a coffee bar. Once I was recovering from the surgery, the room they put me in, was much larger than the old rooms had been in the past. They had upgraded bathroom facilities in each of the rooms. Each room was set up to be a private room, with it’s own bathroom, and overnight guest chair. Each room also had it’s own thermostat control.  This was especially nice, because I remember staying in that hospital when I was 14 years old.  I had to have my tonsils removed. I remember that the room was so warm that I thought I would surely pass out. I kept asking the nurses to turn the air conditioner on, and they said it was set to a specific temperature, and they didn’t have control over that.  Now the rooms each have their own digital thermostat with remote control. I was able to keep the air conditioner set at 70 degrees, where I felt the most comfortable. That really made my stay in the hospital bearable.

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During the month of August, my husband and I traveled from the east coast all the way to the west coast, and back again.  We drove over seven thousand miles and spent nearly thirty days traveling by motorcycle.  It was a really great experience, and we both enjoyed seeing the country.  While I knew that the scenery would be very different and interesting, I was still amazed by the diversity.  We saw endless fields of corn and soybeans, gorgeous rivers and canyons, tall mountains and towering redwood trees.  As we crossed the country, I was also surprised by the design of the houses.  Where I live, we deal with severe winter weather, and we focus on combatting the snow and cold.  There are no flat roofs in my area, because we need the snow and ice to slide off.  The majority of roofs are shingled and the pitch is quite steep.  Along the west coast, where they get little to no snow accumulation, I saw a lot of flat roofs.  The majority of these roofs were clay tile, and they were really beautiful.  I assume that the tile roof is effective against extreme sun and heat.  From one side of the country to the other, I noticed that there were quite a few metal roofs.  I know that metal roofs are rather expensive to install, but have a really long lifespan.  I don’t like how metal roofs look, however, and I would worry that they would be super loud when it rained.  I have decided that I would like to live in an area where I could have a tile roof on my house…

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When you are looking around for someone to come to your house to do certain repairs or to service your house in any way it is a good thing to do some research. There are some companies and individuals that actually have bad reputations and then there are others that come highly recommended. You would not want to hire someone that has a bad reputation and have them come out and work on your precious home. That is why it is so important to do some good research beforehand. The same is true when it comes to looking for an HVAC technician or repair man. There are plenty of resources out there that allow for you to go and look to see how well certain HVAC companies are rated and reviewed compared to other ones. With social media and modern day technology this has become even that much easier as well. Having someone come and work on your HVAC unit and having them fix your heating or air conditioner needs is a really big deal. That stuff can get expensive to mess with and you would not want someone to mess up or not do a very good job and you have to pay the price for it later on down the road. My advice would be to do your best to search out all the local HVAC providers that you have to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

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I love listening to the radio. At one point I decided to try satellite radio and as much as I liked it, it was missing that local edge to it. I never got to hear what was going on in my area. I didn’t know what concerts were coming around and obviously I never heard any local bands play on the satellite radio. I switched back to the radio and was quite pleased with this. I loved trying to call in and win whenever the local radio company had a contest. I actually won pretty regularly. One day, there was a special call in prize that I had won. One of the local HVAC companies, in a push to obtain new customers, was offering an overhaul of the winners HVAC system. I was shocked that I had become the winner of this HVAC prize. When the radio announced told me I had won the HVAC unit I shouted for joy and it was aired on the radio. The HVAC company was fantastic too. They came to my house, took measurements of the space I had and told me all about the new system I was going to get and how it would be perfect for my home. The HVAC company took away the old HVAC system and, in almost no time at all, had the new HVAC system installed. As soon as it was running I knew this HVAC system was better. My house was flooded with cool air in the summer and when winter came around I found the heating was spot on as well.

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One day last week, I went out to run errands. It was a particularly hot day and I had a bunch of places to stop. The last place I stopped was the grocery store. After I had been inside for a few minutes I started feeling horrible. I realized that it was way too hot inside the grocery store. The air conditioner was not working. The heat was stifling because without the air conditioner there was not enough air circulating even with the doors open. The freezers for the cold foods were not able to keep up in the stifling heat. The customers were feeling ill. I was about to leave without buying anything when they came on the intercom and announced that they would be closing the store until the air conditioner was repaired. They expected to be opened again the following day. The HVAC system is a necessity for businesses. I do not know if they had not done proper maintenance on their heating and cooling system or if it was just old and its lifespan was over. When I drove by the grocery store later that evening I saw the HVAC service arriving with brand new units. When I went to the grocery store this week the air conditioner was functioning perfectly and the air was cool and comfortable. While the grocery store was closed I am sure they lost a lot of money. Being closed for about 18 hours is a lot of business for them to lose, not to mention the loss of products that were not kept at proper temperatures. Without proper working HVAC units a business can lose a lot of money if they have to close down while they have them replaced.


My boyfriend planned this really romantic dinner for just the two of us the other night. When I arrived home from a long day at work, I saw that he had a table set up in the backyard. There were lights and candles everywhere with dinner all set up. I thought this was the sweetest gesture. He made a delicious meal, and I was very impressed that he went to such lengths. About halfway through our meal, I was starting to feel the sweat dripping down my back. We’re currently experiencing one of the hottest summers in this region, and even when the sun goes down, the temperature remains the hot. I would’ve given anything for a light breeze or a small fan. It was so hot, that I began to lose focus when he was talking to me. I felt really bad, because he had put so much thought and effort into the evening. I couldn’t tell if he was feeling as hot as I was. He seemed really content. I even offered several times to go inside and get something completely irrelevant. I was so desperate to feel my air conditioning. The only excuse I could use to go inside, was saying I needed to use the bathroom. I could only use that excuse once. After spending 2 hours outside in the scorching heat, he finally suggested cleaning up and going inside. I was so excited to be in the AC that I practically ran back to the house! Thankfully, he didn’t notice and ask me any questions.

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The highlight of my summers are pool parties. I get to play in the sun, get my hair wet and put on my bikini. I like going to pool parties mostly because of the food. The food is the best reason to attend a pool party. You get to eat all of your favorite cookout food. The last pool party I went to didn’t last very long. The pool was packed so most people gravitated inside of the house. Once I was inside it was just as hot. No air conditioning was on. The vents were wide open but nothing could be felt blowing out of the vent. An HVAC technician was scheduled to come by and arrived 10 minutes early. When he arrived he did a walkthrough and noticed that the cord that is linked in the wall to the thermostat was not connected to the HVAC unit anymore. To replace the wire it would be inexpensive enough to get the service done the same day. I was thrilled that the HVAC technician knew so much and came prepared to work. The air conditioning unit wasn’t that old and the parts he used were very popular. One question I asked the HVAC technician while I was eating was how many times someone should service their home by a technician. He replied that once in the summer and once in the spring is ideal for an HVAC service to be completed. The HVAC unit was up and rolling in no time. The cool air made everyone come inside. By the time everyone came in the food was gone quickly.

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At one time, humans cooled and heated their homes with architectural designs, shade trees and fireplaces, but, modern air conditioning and heating systems are designed to keep us not just alive, but comfortable. Yet, it’s amazing how uncomfortable air conditioning and heating systems can make people in their workplace. I’ve heard women who work in businesses offices full of men complain about the office being kept too cold to accommodate men wearing suits. I’ve heard of construction workers complaining about construction trailers being too cold after being accustomed to the outside heat. Just yesterday, a cashier at a local store complained that the store was too hot to her liking. And, it seems that nobody who works in a restaurant kitchen is ever happy. I appreciate being comfortable like anybody else, and I say, get over it! Women who work in cooled offices have the options of wearing layers or bringing a sweater. Construction workers can take their breaks in the shade. It usually isn’t mandatory to take breaks in an air conditioned trailer. At least air conditioning and heat are available. You aren’t dependent on cross breezes to keep the sweat out of your eyes or keeping a fire going to keep your teeth from chattering. Lifestyles today are made much easier because we have the option to utilize heating and cooling systems. A well maintained HVAC system will keep you breathing cleaner air and humidifiers can be easily added. I know that I would much rather work in a cooled office or a heated store than go without a job.  

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