There are few things worse than not having adequate temperature control in your home. I can definitely say that I know this from personal experience! The first apartment I ever got was really cheap, and the landlord never wanted to spend money on maintenance or upkeep. The fridge was really old, and I was always afraid to keep food in there. The microwave was completely broken, and the stovetop never heated evenly. Worst of all, the apartment barely came with any HVAC equipment. There was no air conditioner, and the furnace attached to the building was old and barely worked. The landlord suggested keeping the windows open during the summer for air circulation, and putting heavy plastic on the windows during the winter for insulation. That summer, the heat and humidity broke temperature records, and opening the windows did no good. I couldn’t even sleep because I was tossing and turning so much. I had to purchase a window air conditioning unit in order to keep my apartment comfortable. Once winter came, I tried insulating the apartment by covering the windows, but I was still freezing. I wore heavy clothes and jackets inside my apartment, because the furnace barely emitted any heat. I ended up purchasing a small space heater to provide a little bit of temperature control. I brought it with me from one room to the next, and even though it was small, the space heater provided enough heat to get me through the winter. As soon as my lease was up, I started looking for apartments with better HVAC units! That year definitely taught me the importance of having good temperature control inside your apartment.

indoor air quality 

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