I am always sitting on the couch with a blanket or wearing a sweater. My husband thinks I am crazy. He is always hot. I try to explain it away by saying I am cold natured, or it is my low blood pressure, or any number of other excuses. Reality is I am always cold, spring, summer, fall, and winter, I am cold. My husband and son are warm often so the temperature of the house gets set to a comfortable 72 degrees to keep them cool. I sit and freeze. At home I can at least grab my handy blanket and cover my legs and feet. When we go out it is even worse. I take my sweater with me but sometimes that is not enough. The air conditioner will be on at other people’s homes and I sit freezing with goosebumps on my arms and legs even wearing long pants and a sweater. My best friend understands because she too is cold natured. When I show up at her house we crank the temperature up so warm her husband will go hang out with his guy friends. When I leave her husband comes home and turns the thermostat back down to the same 72 degrees that my husband and son call comfortable. I wish there was a way to have a personal heater I could carry around to combat the coldness of air conditioners. Since there is not I will suffer and keep my sweater with me at all times to keep from freezing in air conditioned buildings.

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