Last summer we had a few weeks of very high temperatures. It was so hot, we had to grill outside or order in because it was just too hot to cook. We were trying to save money on our electricity bills, so we would only turn on the AC at night so we could sleep. We would run the ceiling fans if it felt warm during the day. After more than a week of the heat wave, I finally had to turn the AC on during an afternoon which was especially hot and muggy. The AC ran for a few hours, and I felt no difference in comfort. I checked the thermostat, and made sure all the doors and windows were shut tight. Everything was fine, except the temperature. I called our HVAC service the next day to come and take a look at our system. Something had to be wrong. There’s no way I was going to keep running the AC for hours at a time. When the tech showed up the next day, he really took his time checking every part of the system. He checked the wiring, filters, thermostat, and the outdoor unit. The big surprise, was that he didn’t find anything wrong. He said nothing needed to be repaired, and there would only be a service charge for his visit. I told him how the house wasn’t cooling down enough, and he said the unit we have is pretty old so it was not surprising it wasn’t working efficiently enough, but it was working as well as it could. At that time, the unit was almost 20 years old. He suggested I call the shop’s contractor and just get an idea of costs and savings for systems which would work for our house.

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