When we moved into a rental house a few years ago, it was quite obvious no one had lived in it for quite some time. The trees hadn’t been trimmed, the front yard was brown and full of weeds, and the walls hadn’t been painted in years. Our new landlord didn’t even clean the carpets before our moving day. We knew it was only temporary, so the aesthetics didn’t really bother us. But, I did want the place clean. We had the carpets cleaned on our own, and I scrubbed the walls and bathrooms myself. After a long day of moving and cleaning, I jumped in the shower and immediately knew something was wrong. The water was way too hot. It was so hot, I jumped right back out again. Even turning the knob to cold didn’t change the temperature. After a few minutes, the water was cold again. I relented with a quick cold shower, and called the landlord the next day, and told him this was something that needed to be fixed right away. He called an HVAC tech to look at the water heater and to inspect the whole system as well. The tech found the thermostat in the water heater was broken, so it wasn’t regulating the temperature of the water. He also found several areas in the HVAC system needed updating and repair. He spent a few days fixing everything and cleaning dust and dirt from the ductwork. It turned out the house had been empty for almost 2 years, so there hadn’t been any service or upkeep. Even without anyone living in the house, it was amazing how much work needed to be done. The tech told us the primary reason for repair in his business is merely a lack of service.

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