My husband and I bought our house a few years back, with our parents in mind. We knew the day may come when one or both of them may need a place to stay. We weren’t the type who would want to have either of them in a retirement home if we had the room and the means to take care of them. Our house is not large by any means, but the property is big and we have a guest home near the rear of the lot. We knew it was a perfect setup for us and our parents when the time would come to have them move in. Once we were in the house for a year or so, the time came to move my mom in the guest house. She and I shopped for her home goods and moved many of her own furniture items and linens in the little house. I knew she was very happy to be closer to me, but still had her own place and independence. One thing we overlooked was the HVAC system. We hadn’t used it since we bought the house, and when my Mom turned the AC on for the first time, it was hot air and very dusty. I called an HVAC contractor right away and we looked at all the options. The system was pretty much too old to service, so we had to purchase something new. After working with the contractor, we decided on a ductless mini split system. This eliminated the use of the old ductwork which would have needed a lot of work to be efficient again. My Mom had an indoor unit in her bedroom and in the living room with a remote control so she could cool or heat as she needed to. It was just perfect for one person in a small house.

indoor unit 

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