When I moved in my house with my family many years ago, we had to redo the whole backyard since it hadn’t been cared for in quite some time. We replaced the whole yard and planted trees along the fenceline, as well as near the back patio for shade. Of course, they were just saplings back then, but it only took a few years for them to start really branching out and become mature trees. The trees near the back patio began giving us good shade within a few years and it was great to have a table and chairs in the spring and summer so we could have our meals outside occasionally. The one detail we missed, however, was the outdoor HVAC unit.  One of our great new shade trees was planted too close to the unit, and we never realized it until it started causing some problems. During a bad storm one night in the summer, a branch fell right on top of the unit and stopped the fan immediately. Though I removed the branch and checked that the fan could still move, the AC wouldn’t come on again. I had to call an HVAC tech to come and repair it. One of the fan blades was bent just enough to stop the system from working properly. The tech also advised me that the tree was too close to the unit, and we should either move it or make sure to keep one whole side trimmed right to the trunk. I trimmed the tree myself, and thought about moving it later in the summer. By this time, it was going through the growing season, and I noticed one day the roots were getting larger and beginning to spread above ground, again right next to the HVAC unit. I spent the following weekend moving the tree two feet from the unit.

HVAC tune-up 

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