When was the last time you found yourself in a movie theater that felt like a rain forest? You know what I mean. The kind of theater where it is so muggy and humid that you cannot believe they actually charged you good money to sit in there and watch a film? This usually is the case in older, run-down cinemas that have not been properly taken care of by the owners or managers. The seats are often lumpy and don’t recline easily, the floors are sticky with spilled soft drinks and melted candy bars, and the A/C ducts in the ceiling are blocked with dust and dirt. That makes it almost impossible for cool, clean, dry air to circulate throughout the auditorium. Instead, the body temperature of everyone in the movie theater combines to create a thick, humid swamp that smells like buttered popcorn and nacho cheese. How gross! A few months ago, I caught a matinee of a documentary about the annual Alaskan dog sled race. The whole movie took place in a frozen paradise. But the climate control in the theater was so broken that it felt like it was 100 degrees in there, with 120 percent humidity! The assistant manager of the cinema told me they had already called a local HVAC provider to send out a repair technician, but I don’t believe him. He seemed like he knew nothing about air conditioning or even the best company to call for advice. That place needs a total ductwork cleaning and maybe a complete ductwork sealing job.

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