My boyfriend just began working within a web design company, and so far, he has been doing really well. His older cousin Marc owns the company, so my boyfriend gets to work side-by-side with his cousin. The best part about his new job is that he can do the majority of his work right from home! He can take conference calls, write emails, and build and edit websites in his pajamas if he wants to. Recently, Marc booked a small office space for them, so that they could take some photos for the company website. Although they don’t need to use an actual office, they needed conference tables, chairs, and couches to use for photo props. Unfortunately, the office space was located inside an older building, and the HVAC system made their photo shoot incredibly difficult. When my boyfriend came home, he was dripping with sweat! For some reason, the furnace was on high blast throughout the whole photo shoot. Although fall has just begun, it definitely isn’t cold enough to turn on a furnace! Both he and Marc were struggling to get the photo shoot completed before the hot air made them sweat through their clothes. They couldn’t find a thermostat, and the air vents were too high up for them to reach, so they were stuck with the furnace blowing out heat for hours. I felt so bad for him, because I could tell he had been miserable. I turned the air conditioning on for him so that he could relax and cool down a little bit. The next time they need to use an office space, I am sure that they will make sure that the HVAC system is easily accessible!

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