When my family and I first bought our home, we were of course very excited to have a great big house in which to spread out. We had five bedrooms, a living room, and an eat-in kitchen. We had never had so much room, and we were in heaven. It was an older home and had some problems, which we were more than happy to tackle one at a time. The first big issue was the HVAC system, which was outdated and clearly did not serve the big home. Since we had moved in during the summer, we all knew right away the AC was not working efficiently. There were some rooms which were comfortable, and other rooms that never seemed to cool off. We hired an HVAC contractor right away to check the entire system and make some recommendations. We found out the system was not the right size for the huge home, and had not been serviced well. The ductwork was old, dirty, and dusty, and the air exchange needed to be replaced. While we suffered through some very warm nights, the HVAC contractor came up with some perfect solutions to cool and heat our new home. At one point, the fan in the outdoor unit needed to be repaired. The contractor sent out a welder to do the job so we would at least have AC for a few weeks. Unfortunately, he asked my husband to hold the fan blades as he welded them. My husband did not have gloves, or anything else to protect him from the process, and you might guess what happened. Thank goodness the repair was done and my family had AC for the next few weeks while the overhaul was completed.

A/C tune up

Last winter was quite an adventure for my family. It seemed like each week was a new adventure in broken appliances. The microwave started on fire while my husband was using it. We chalked it up to the fact it was very old. The dishwasher started leaking and flooded the kitchen floor. It turned out to be a broken hose, and we fixed it on our own. Then, we realized one night the fan in the furnace was not shutting off. I remember my husband and I looking at eachother, like “now what?” as we headed to the basement to check it out. We looked at everything, but couldn’t figure out what the problem was. This time, we definitely needed a professional. He called the HVAC service we regularly used for tune ups and scheduled a tech to inspect the furnace. When he arrived the next day, he took his time looking through every part of the unit. Though he told us the thermostat needed replacing, the real issue was the limit switch for the blower. SInce it wasn’t working, it wasn’t relaying to the blower to stop running. Thankfully, the warm air was still blowing so we didn’t suffer any loss of comfort, but the fan had been overworking, and could have caused major problems if we hadn’t had it fixed. It took the tech some time to repair it, and we had him replace the thermostat as well. He also cleaned everything out and changed filters for us. Just these few changes made a big difference in the efficiency of the furnace and we noticed it right away. We really hoped this was the last appliance in the house to need service. At least for until the winter was over.

gas heater

Last summer we had a big heat wave that seemed to last for weeks. My area of the country is hot and muggy anyway, but this was unprecedented. As my family was going through case after case of water, and we tried to keep the house as cool as possible. We all started feeling like moles as we kept all the drapes and blinds closed tight and kept the doors shut as much as possible. In the middle of a Saturday afternoon, quite without warning, the AC fan stopped. We checked the thermostat, breaker switches and the outdoor unit. No matter what we tried, it wouldn’t start again. It took only a few minutes for the house to heat up to over 90 degrees. We turned all the fans on in the house and grabbed some additional fans from the garage. I called the HVAC shop nearby, and as luck would have it, there was a technician already in the neighborhood. This would be considered an after hours call since it was a Saturday, but we didn’t care. We would have paid anything to get the AC going again. When the tech arrived, he got right to work, checking every component of the unit. It turned out there was a faulty wire in the outdoor unit and the refrigerant level was very low. He was able to fix everything very quickly, and just in time. If I had had to spend another hour in the heat, I think I may have passed out. Our dogs were laying in the bathtub by this time, and my children had camped out in front of the open freezer door. We all jumped up and down when the cool air started blowing again. That HVAC tech was our hero, and the cost was worth every penny.

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When my little brother came along, I was 8 years old and absolutely loved being the big sister. He was like my play doll, only better. He was always happy and playful, and would laugh as hard as he could when I played peek a boo with him. Unfortunately, he was sick a lot when he was little, and I remember my parents being so worried about him all the time. He would cough and sneeze and it seemed he had a cold all the time. After many months of this, the doctor told my parents they should consider updating the HVAC system because their old furnace was blowing dust and allergens though the house all the time, and it was making the bad situation even worse. They immediately had a contractor come and look over the whole house and came up with a plan to improve the system. It seemed the techs were in our house for weeks, cleaning and sealing ductwork, updating the furnace and AC unit and they even put an air cleaner in my brother’s room. Within just a few weeks, we all noticed my baby brother was improving. He would still cough occasionally, but nothing like he had before. As he got older, we found he had several allergies and then could take medication to help as well. By that time, my parents had purchased a brand new furnace and also installed heated flooring. Once all the renovations were completed, my little brother stopped having symptoms altogether. We felt very fortunate that the doctor had instructed them to get an HVAC professional to assist with his allergy problem in the very beginning, since it kept his symptoms to a minimum.