When I was a kid, I used to love to camp. There was nothing better than waking up in the morning to cool, pine-scented air, especially when it was still and silent all around. Then my family and I would go hiking around the campsite and maybe catch some fish for dinner. It was a great way to spend summers when I was growing up. Naturally, I thought that I should do that when I had my own kids. Nobody objected too loudly, so when my youngest turned ten we packed up the car and headed for the distant hills. The moment we arrived and shut down the car’s air conditioning, we began to see the problem. There was no climate control outdoors. When I was a kid, I never noticed it, but as an adult I really missed cooling systems. It would cool down at night, but about an hour after getting up in the morning, everybody started to miss our awesome central HVAC system. We agreed to allow everybody a half hour in the car with the A/C going. We discovered that, when we went to the creek to fish, the water produced a cooling effect that was very comfortable. We would go fishing for some natural air conditioning, hike back to the campsite, get back in the car for a half hour in front of the air vents, then fix dinner in the cooling air. At night, we could better appreciate the air quality, which was probably better than anything we got at home. When we got back home, we reveled in our HVAC system.


One of my least favorite parts of being a homeowner is the outside maintenance. I despise mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, trimming the bushes, and cleaning up the yard. It is hot, dirty, and time-consuming. It is also completely necessary for a nice home, which is why I take about an hour every weekend to do a little work outside. Last weekend, I was pulling the weeds in the backyard near my air conditioning unit when I heard a strange rattling noise. I moved closer to the unit and realized that it was responsible for the noise. I had never heard my air conditioning unit make that noise before and was concerned. When I finished weeding, I went inside and called my HVAC company. I had been using them since purchasing my home and knew that if there was anything wrong with my air conditioning unit that they would not only be honest and fix it, but that they would give me a good price, too. I told them what was happening and made an appointment with them for the following week. When my HVAC technician showed up to check out the unit, he was only there for a half hour. He said that there was nothing wrong with my unit – no broken parts, no huge issues. There were simply a few parts that were loose and needed to be tightened. He said that he tightened everything up and that my air conditioning unit was no longer making the rattling noise. He also commended me on calling instead of ignoring it because if it went unattended for too long, it could have led to major problems. I was just glad that my air conditioning unit was fine!

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On the weekends I do photoshoots for my neighbour’s company. People schedule photoshoots through the company and then I get assigned to a certain amount of people or groups over a weekend. Last weekend I got scheduled for an indoor shoot with this elderly couple. Our shooting space is only about a five minute drive from the office so we met at the building. I unlock the doors and enter with this sweet old couple. The building is vacant and bitterly cold. We are already approaching fall so it was chilly outside, but in the building it felt like a snow storm could blow through any second. I called my boss and asked what the deal with the building was. She said that the maintenance guy must have turned the thermostat down at some point and had forgotten it. I run over to the cased thermostat and unlock it with my key. It is totally shut off and unresponsive. I had to call my boss back and tell her that we need an HVAC specialist to come out and asses the problem or else we would have to cancel all the appointments in the building for the day. I apologized to the shivering couple and my boss said she would call to see what she could do. The elderly couple said that they would be perfectly okay with doing the shoot in the nearby park if that was acceptable for me. I happily complied and we walked over to the park where I took some amazing pictures of them together.


The classroom I sat in for astronomy today had me sweating terribly and I’m so pissed about it. I had to dress nice for a really important meeting that I had with a teacher. I dressed up in some new dress clothes I had just bought. I wore a nice pink designer shirt with some really nice shoes. I knew it was hot outside so I bought my cardigan in case I accidentally sweat through the articles of clothing. I’m really glad I kept it in my book bag because I was sitting in one of my college rooms and I sweat through my undershirt and dress shirt. There was a strong lack of air conditioning in all of my classrooms for the day and honestly it was so sad and hard for me to deal with. Air conditioning is essential in school because it keeps you from paying attention if it’s too hot or if it’s too cold. My old high school used to blast the heating system so much that I would sweat in my snow pants and coat during the winter. The heaters would kick on and I seriously needed air conditioning. Anyway, I was so angry that I sweated through my clothes but I was kind of upset when I put my cardigan on. I was quite upset because there was not much air conditioning in my astronomy class and even my cardigan felt kind of damp. It was pretty embarrassing honestly and I had my friends check to make sure my cardigan was not.

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I have never really been one to socialize with my neighbors. Since moving to a small town, though, I have realized that I do not have much of a choice. Neighbors in small towns tend to force their presence upon you, despite how opposed to it you may be. I thought I would be here temporarily, so at first I just moved into an apartment. I eventually got tired of renting and decided to buy a home. I found a nice home for a good price and moved in about a year ago. The first week I moved in, I was inundated with greetings from neighbors wanting to introduce themselves and welcome me into the neighborhood. They brought me pitchers of sweet tea, plates of brownies, and more casseroles than I could ever want. I accepted their kindness with hesitation, hoping that their eagerness to talk with me was only temporary. Over time, I learned that it was just part of living in a small town and have grown to like it. Each week, someone in the neighborhood throws a get-together so everyone can catch up. At last week’s gathering, my neighbor could not stop gushing about her most recent experience with the local HVAC business. She said that she was struggling with the air quality in her home because it seemed unclean. She called the HVAC business and a technician was sent out immediately to remedy her air quality issue. He examined her HVAC system and modified it to maintain an optimal air quality in the home. I could not help but notice that the air quality in her house really did seem better so, before leaving, I got the number of the HVAC business.

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Because air conditioning, and especially modern HVAC systems, incorporates many different pieces in their construction, it is difficult to say who actually invented air conditioning. There is no perfect answer to the question, “Who is the inventor of air conditioning?” A man named Dr. Gorrie rigged up ice and fans in his TB hospital, so people from his small town consider him the inventor air conditioning. Wilson Carrier is also referred to as the Father of the Modern Air Conditioner. There are air conditioners that carry the Carrier name on them, so of course that HVAC company wants to say that CArrier invented air conditioning. But way back in the 1700s, Ben Franklin and his friend John Hadley brought forth important thinking related to heating and cooling the air. They worked on cooling mostly. They noted that alcohol evaporates faster than water and can thus be used for cooling. Have you ever rubbed rubbing alcohol on your feet? It makes them feel cooler right away. Then again, the US Navy likes to say it is the inventor of air conditioning. President James Garfield was shot and in the hospital. He was complaining of the unbearable heat, so US Navy engineers built a rudimentary air conditioner for his room. It was really just a wooden box with some form of cooling inside of it. Inside were a bunch of cloths that were soaked in cold water and some sort of fanning device was made. The president ended up dying, but he was more comfortable during his last days as a result of this attempt at air conditioning.


I don’t know what it is about this summer, but I have never experienced so much heat and humidity before in my life! Usually, summers in my town are fairly mild, and we only get a few weeks of real heat. Surprisingly, this summer has been nothing but extremely high heat and extremely high humidity. I am constantly sweating, and I can almost feel the heavy heat laying on my skin. Part of the problem is that I have never installed air conditioning in my house. Summer temperatures have always been so mild that I could use box fans, and it never seemed worthwhile to install an air conditioner just for a couple weeks out of the year. Unfortunately, with the way temperatures are climbing, I might have to give in and purchase an air conditioner. June has barely started, and already the temperatures are climbing to the triple digits! My house is so uncomfortable, and the box fan does nothing but circulate heated air. An air conditioner could really provide a lot of comfort, especially if this heat and humidity lasts as long as the weather forecast is predicting. I’ve been researching a few air conditioners online, and I’ve found some great options. I think that putting a small air conditioning unit into my window would be the best idea. It’s not a permanent installation, so I can remove the air conditioner and store it in the basement until next year. Tomorrow, I am heading over to the local home improvement store to finally purchase an air conditioner. I’ve been able to avoid air conditioning for a long time, but I refuse to suffer through this heat wave any longer!

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I hate being hot. It’s even worse when it’s humid outside. My sweat makes my hair and clothes sticky and gross. It feels like I’m wearing a plastic bag. It’s harder just breathing. The heat is like an assault on the senses. I hate it. It was with great reluctance that I moved to a southern city with my wife when she got a job offer she couldn’t turn down. I couldn’t believe how hot it got in the summer. Fortunately, I do a lot of part-time work on the computer, and I can spend most days in the apartment. I guess that makes me a prisoner of the air conditioning. I’m OK with that. I can’t imagine people living in this area without the benefits of modern climate control systems. It’s a real comfort when the thermostat clicks over and I hear the rush of air and feel the cool breeze coming through the air vents from the HVAC unit. The second summer we were there, however, the A/C betrayed me. It seemed to stop working. Although the thermostat indicated that the HVAC system was on and in cool mode, the temperature reading was far too high and there was no soothing cool air coming through the air ducts into my room. I called the apartment’s maintenance office and they sent over somebody to do some HVAC service. I told him to look at the thermostat. He went to work, replaced the filter, and seemed to fix it, because the A/C started running just before he left.

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There are many ways to keep your HVAC system in pristine working condition. If you follow these important steps, you can help extend the life of your unit by months, and oftentimes, years. These maintenance checks should be done twice a year, directly before the beginning of the winter and summer seasons. The most important of the first steps is shut off the the power to your HVAC unit. Never attempt to examine any appliance before shutting down the power completely.  After the power is off, clear all of the debris, dirt, and leaves, from the outdoor compressor. Spray the side down to make sure debris hasn’t built up, and check for any major holes or tears. Once you have finished cleaning the outdoor components, you can move inside. Clean your evaporator drain by removing the cover, and rinsing with warm water. Sometimes algae and mold can grow inside, if condensation or water builds up. Find the end of the pipe, and use a shop vac to suck out the water or debris. Once you finish with that, you will want to check on your air filter. Homeowners should change air filters monthly, but while you’re doing your biyearly check, you should change out the old one if its been more than thirty days. If you are unsure of how to properly maintain your HVAC unit, you can contact a local HVAC repair shop to schedule yearly service maintenance checks. Most companies can set up homeowners with a biyearly program that covers the inside and outdoor components. This can be easier, if you don’t have the time to maintain the system.

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When we bought a new house, we decided to buy a house with a small workshop for my husband.  He is very handy, and has taken up woodworking as a hobby. He has made several pieces of furniture for our friends and family.  Lately, more and more people have asked him to make pieces for their homes. So when we bought a new home, I wanted to make sure that he had an area to continue his hobby. Our new house has a small garage, so we decided to appropriate that area just for his wood shop. We purchased an outdoor shed to house all the actual garage belongings. Since my husband does a great deal of staining the individual pieces of wood before he uses them, the garage is often filled with harmful and stench filled, paint fumes.  The garage doesn’t have any windows that can open, so it can get squirly in there sometimes. I went to the local hardware store, and they informed me that we could buy an air purifier to help with the problem.  I purchased a medium grade model, and headed for the house. We installed the air purifier in the corner of the garage, and in a few hours, we could tell the difference. We could no longer smell the disgusting odor of paint and stain fumes with the air purifier running constantly. Even better, it also removed most of the wood dust from the air. Buying an air purifier has really helped the garage atmosphere, and I can’t wait to see what project my husband will complete next.