Cool air

It sounds rather silly to say this, but I’ve actually never had completely new furniture. The prices for couches and chairs have always seemed outrageous, and while I was in college I didn’t have enough money to pay for it. And, I had so much personal debt from credit cards when I was much younger that I wasn’t even able to get on a payment plan that some furniture shops have. I always got hand-me-down furniture, either from friends or relatives, one time I purchased a chair at a steep discount from a local secondhand store. But I have finally graduated and now have a great paying job, I’m finally in a place where I can buy my first brand spanking new furniture set. I was incredibly excited for my new couch and the loveseat to come so I spent all of the morning cleaning the living room. About fifteen minutes into cleaning, though, I started sweating. I was pretty sure that I had turned the air conditioning unit on, but there just didn’t seem to be any cool air coming out through the air vents. I walked up to the thermostat, and made another adjustment, and then kept on cleaning. Within just a few minutes, I still couldn’t feel any shift in temperature. I picked up the telephone to call the HVAC technician for service when the doorbell rang. The furniture delivery men were here early! They had to hoist my couch and loveseat up several flights of stairs to get it into my apartment, they were sweating the entire time. I felt really awful that the air conditioner wasn’t working, and apologized repeatedly. I wish that I would’ve noticed that the air conditioner was broken before I had those men moving heavy furniture up multiple flights of stairs!

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