When I made the transition from renting to owning, I realized that there were tons of things that I was just not prepared for. I always had different landlords and maintenance men to help me with any issues inside the apartment, but now that I was actually living in my own house, all of the maintenance calls had to be made by me. This meant that there was a lot for me to learn about how to do basic maintenance in the house, like switching the air filters for HVAC systems, or draining out the hot water heater. After a few weeks of living in my new house, I started to notice a few plumbing issues. For one, the hot water seemed to run out much quicker than it should be, and the water pressure was extremely low. Another weird thing was that the drains seemed like it took forever for water to actually go down. I told my mom about it, and she just told me to get a hold of a plumbing service. I didn’t think that the issue was that bad, and furthermore, I didn’t really want to pay a ton of money for a big plumbing repair. Of course, the plumbing could have been a lot better, but at least it was still working a little bit. It took until my toilet started running and overflowing for me to finally cave in and call for a plumber. It really only took a few hours, and he was able to fix all the issues. I was so impressed that I decided to enroll in regular plumbing service. From now on, he will come once a year and make sure that the entire plumbing system is efficient.

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