My son is the starting quarterback on the school football team. We are so proud of his achievements because neither me or my better half were athletic in high school and it is simply amazing to see our son flourish on the football field. We had no idea that he was this good until about a year or two ago. His attitude and body has changed a lot of since then. He is a classic wonderful young man. While I like to watch my son play, I must admit that these late evening games in the fall can be tricky. When you arrive, sunshine is still up and the temperature is okay. However, by the middle of the game, it is so darn cold I can’t wait to get home and revel in the furnace at our house. The last game they had went into overtime, so I had to sit out in the cold even longer. I just wanted someone to score so I could go home and utilize my HVAC accessories. My body was not built to survive temperatures like this with not a central heater. Some of these kids at the games with no shirts on and paint letters on their stomachs seem crazy to me. I could never do this. I love my son, but I’d personally rather read a book with a blanket and know the heating equipment is treating me right. He only has one more season left. After that, my Friday nights calls for less football and more with my furnace. I am looking towards that very much.


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