Have you ever heard of heated floors and what about hydronic heating? I must admit that for a woman who grew up in the “dirty dirty”, I never really gave much thought of heating systems. Every person I’ve ever known either used a wood stove if there was ever a need for heat. Soon, though, We are moving to the north. As part of the move, I will be renovating an unusually old farmhouse. It gets amazingly cold there, so I have to give lots of thought to the type of heating and cooling system I will install. Right now, there is really an oil furnace from a time long ago. My father-in-law recommends I explore a hydronic heating systems. From what I am aware of, hydronic heating uses water to heat your property through the floor of the house. That seems like it might be a wise investment because water is a renewable resource. But, the water is required to be heated by something, and I am wondering if that process can really be energy efficient. Typically, I a boiler is required and then the water is sent through pipes and within the radiators. I guess there is this thing called a tankless water heater though now, supposedly how this thing work is it just heats the water on its way through and it work just like a normal water heater. I might get this it does sound good to have toasty warm floors on my feet in the winter.v


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