Every two months or so, I make a trip to go see my parents. Of course, when the holidays come around, I’ll bring my family with me and we make an extended visit. Once my wife and I started looking for houses, we realized that the house we bought actually needed a ton of work. Every wall needed to be repainted, and the carpeting was so old that it needed to be replaced, too. The plumbing in the house was really outdated as well. Everything from the faucets to the shower heads needed to be completely replaced. We decided to hire a local plumber to help us with the process, and he came to evaluate our water pressure. We found out that there was hardly any water pressure in the bathrooms. He explained that the cause of low water pressure could either be from some sort of build up inside the actual shower head, or it could be a problem with the piping. Luckily, he fixed the issue in almost no time, and was even able to give us a new shower head at zero extra cost. Now that we have fixed the low water pressure issue in the shower, it is much more enjoyable to take a shower! This makes it even harder for me to spend long periods of time at my parents house, though. The water pressure inside their showers is absolutely terrible. It is so low that sometimes it takes almost 20 minutes just for me to wash all the soap off. As a result, I try to only stay with my parents for about 2 days.

water pressure 

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