My home is very old. I love that there is just so much history in our old farmhouse mainly because most of my ancestors lived in the same house through the years. We tend to keep the exact same traditions and decorations throughout the house to maintain the historical value. However, I feel like it is time to update the decorations and restore a lot of things in the house. One of them being the furnace. We have had the same exact heating system my entire time living in this place and it is certainly time for it to get an updated version. Needless to say we have no problem heating your house throughout the winter, but I worry that our smallest issue may turn towards a big one. We have been required to call the fire department on several occasions because our furnace was smoking throughout the basement. Of course, there was nothing to keep worrying about because it just happened to be old dust burning off the main equipment. Luckily, we caught it before anything bad might happen, but it only makes me nervous about what could happen when you need it. My father swears that this furnace and all its equipment is in perfect shape since he has had it serviced by a skilled HVAC technician for over a few years. But, after so many many years, I feel like there is not really much that the HVAC company is able to do to prevent a fire from happening. The only way is to keep the furnace safe rather than using a smoke detector to get off is if we replace it with a new one.

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