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I graduated college a few years ago and got a job.  I moved in the summer. I had a year long lease on my apartment and job contract.  After the year was up, I once again moved in the summer.  This pattern continued on an annual basis. I was living up north, and it was fortunate that I did all my moving in June, July, or August.  I was able to avoiding heavy snows, blizzards, ice storms, subzero temperatures, and slippery roads while moving my stuff.  I never got frostbite hauling my couch up the stairs into a new apartment.  I was lucky that most of my friends took vacation in the summer and were available and willing to help move.  Then I took a job down south and moved in the middle of July. I drove an ancient pickup with no air conditioning. I was driving down the road, stuck in traffic with a load of my stuff, with sweat running down my face.  The outside temperature was well over a hundred degrees.  The humidity was ungodly.  I suddenly realized how hard this would be. I had moved away from all my friends, so I was on my own.  I was worn just from the drive without air conditioning.  Hauling stuff up the four flights of stairs to my new apartment was awful. The lack of air conditioning had me feeling super fatigued.  I took one load up the stairs and then cranked up the air conditioning in my new apartment.  I was relieved that it worked.  I let the apartment cool down, and let the air conditioner run at full blast while I hauled my stuff.  I didn’t care that I was opening the door and letting the cool air out.  I needed the relief from the air conditioner just to survive the process.  I will no longer move in the summer if I am living down south.

turner and schoel climate control 

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