Well then, i’ll ask you a question. Have you ever had a fire in your personal property? I have. There was a big and dangerous fire which started in my kitchen and spread to a number of the rooms in our condo. No one was injured, but it caused all varieties of problems. The water from the fire trucks ruined the majority of my books and my furnishings. However, the worst damage originated from the smoke. It filled our condo with tiny particulates. Soot, mud, dust and debris filled the air. Even though the fire happened almost a year ago, the air quality within my condo is very poor to this day. I wanted to make sure my family’s lungs were kept safe from disease like asthma and additionally allergies. So, I called the very best local HVAC provider and asked those to come and inspect my house. They sent out their best certified service technician. He examined my property and took samples of the air in my home. He recommended that I use a powerful, professional air purification product. This device will attach right to my existing HVAC system. It’s going to continually clean and filter mid-air as it flows through the ductwork. Whether the air is actually heated or cooled, it’s still purified. The HVAC technician shows my home will smell much better and my family’s health could improve. Attaching such a device to help my home heating and cooling system are going to be expensive. I don’t mind the cost. I would do anything to protect my family, and give them clean air. Wouldn’t you?

indoor air quality 

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