When my son was a little kid, we realized that he had an allergic reaction to heat. Who has ever heard of such a thing? It is basically termed heat-induced urticaria, his body reacts to heat in much the same way others react to, pollen, for example. And so, for a youngster at school, it was very tough for him to go outside for phys ed or recess. The physician ordered a prescription for antihistamines, but my wife usually would attempt to have him take less medicine on a daily basis. We quickly discovered that the absolute best medicine for his condition is air conditioning. An efficient HVAC system works miracles for him. We live down south, so avoiding heat is normally tough, but once inside, most places run their HVAC unit, which is very helpful. Later, when my son grew in years and began to travel to more places, we discovered that it’s not necessarily just heat that gives the boy urticaria, it’s also cold temperatures. His girlfriend has family in the midwest and it gets incredibly cold there. He went there for a visit, and he was broken out in terrible hives the whole time. Unfortunately, it was much worse there, actually.  He had a reaction when he went outside, because of the extreme cold, but he would also have a reaction indoors as well. You may ask why? It was due to the heaters, they would be on and would heat the air so much. All of their furnaces are extremely efficient due to the weather, and so he literally suffered no matter if he went outside or stayed inside.

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