My first apartment that I ever had was in an old, historic building. The floors were not even, and the paint on the porch was peeling off. My kitchen sink always leaked, and the carpeting was old and worn down. Still, I was really excited about it. It was the first place that was truly and completely my own. Because I was renting, I wasn’t in a position to make too many changes to the apartment, but there were some little improvements that I ended up making. I choose new curtains, and put a few plants on the window sill. I even bought a couple colorful throw rugs to perk up the living room. Over the span of a year, I found myself making quite a few upgrades to the unit. One of those upgrades was a new air conditioner. The apartment included a furnace, but didn’t have any kind cooling unit. The unit owner refused to install central air conditioning, mostly because summers in that area were always short. Even so, sometimes the summer temperatures might get so hot and humid that I had a hard time falling asleep at night, and being inside was unbearable! To remedy this and make my apartment more comfortable, I purchased a small window A/C unit. I chose an eco-friendly model, so that my monthly bills wouldn’t get too high. When I finally had cold air, my apartment felt so much more bearable and comfortable. Hanging up curtains and choosing other small decorations certainly allowed me to make the apartment mine, however that air conditioner was what made me feel truly comfortable. Being able to sleep during the summer months certainly didn’t hurt, either!

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After my college graduation, I moved to take a job.  After that, I ended up continually  moving during the summer. My apartment leases and job contracts were on a yearly basis, and that set the  pattern. While  I was living in the northern part of the country, my summertime moves were a good thing, because it let me avoid moving during the brutal Winter seasons they have up there. I was never concerned about getting frostbite hauling my kitchen table up the stairs! A lot of friends took their vacation time in the summer, so it was easier to find people willing to help me move.  A bunch of people all hauling stuff made the ordeal much easier. Everything changed when I moved down south. The old truck that I drove didn’t have air conditioning. I was moving a load of my stuff down the highway, letting in outside air through the open windows, and just about sweating to death. By the time I arrived at my new place, I was totally worn out because of the heat and humidity.  The situation got progressively worse when I started dragging the stuff up the stairs to my fifth floor apartment. The elevator was broken, and the lack of air conditioning was killing me.  Without cool air, I was sweating profusely.   Once I got inside the new apartment, I immediately started up the air conditioning.  I wanted to cool the place down, and I ended up taking a nap.  I waited until near dark, to haul everything else. I was just relieved that the air conditioning in the apartment worked.  I won’t move in the summer in the south again.

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Last Monday, a hurricane passed through our town, bringing terrible weather conditions with it. Worried that the power would go out or that we’d be trapped because of the storm, my boyfriend and I stocked up on supplies. At first, we thought we may have overdone it since it looked like any other storm. The rain was actually pleasant at first, and we stood outside on the porch in it, but everything suddenly shifted. Roof shingles and large tree branches were ripped away and thrown about in the wind. We hurried to get in and close the door, but noticed that the lights would not turn on. The power had gone out, but we ready for this. We ended up lighting a couple candles, made some sandwiches for dinner, and got ready to spend the night inside as the storm raged on. It was unfortunate that our heating and cooling units couldn’t function without power. The heavy rain brought by the hurricane had caused an increase in humidity, and the apartment felt like a sticky sauna without the air conditioner. The wind made it too dangerous to open up a window for cool air, so we attempted to roll up a few sheets of paper into little fans to help circulate the air around us. When we went to bed, it was difficult to get any sleep. The noises created by the wind and rain were scary, making it sound like the house could collapse at any moment, and the lack of air conditioning made things very uncomfortable. Thankfully things were back to normal in the morning, so we immediately set the air conditioner to run on its highest setting!

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After graduating school, I got into the habit of moving a lot.  I tend to always move in the summer. My leases & job contracts are on an annual basis.  Because of this, that moving pattern continues to hold true.  When I happen to live up north, I get to avoid  moving during  the brutal winter.  I am not packing up in a blizzard and driving on snowy roads.  I can avoid getting frostbite while hauling my mattress up the stairs! Also, most of my friends are on vacation in the summer and are willing to help move.  Having help from my friends makes it a lot easier to move.  Then, I moved way down south. My old Volkswagen  didn’t have a working air conditioner. I hauled a load of our stuff down the highway, with all the windows open, letting outside air in and sweating profusely. I realized that moving in the extreme heat was a mistake.  No one wanted to help.  By the time I made it to the new apartment, I was wet with sweat because of the heat.  I just wanted to sit in front of an air conditioner.  I started hauling stuff up the stairs to my third floor apartment. The lack of an air conditioner made me much more cranky than usual.  I got inside the apartment and turned on the a/c.  I cranked it to full speed and took a nap. I waited to haul the rest of my stuff until near dark.  The weather conditions had cooled off just a bit.  After that, I decide to break the annual moving cycle while living down south. I  moved that year in the winter, because in the south, I didn’t need either heating or cooling.

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I remember the very unfortunate incident of when my favorite band broke up. I had finally saved up the money to treat myself to one of their live performances, but they broke up the night before the concert. The price of the ticket was refunded, of course, but I was so upset that I wouldn’t be able to experience seeing their music performed in person. However, a little over 5 years later they returned as a group with a new album release and world tour schedule. The first thing I did after hearing this news was purchase my own copy of the album and get a ticket to one of the concerts. I was thrilled when the night came for the show. I had went with the cheapest ticket option available, which ended up being a seat up in the nosebleed section, far away from the stage, but where I sat didn’t matter if it meant I got to see them perform. It wasn’t long into the night when I noticed that the biggest downside of the seat’s location wasn’t the height, but its close proximity to the ductwork. The ductwork rattled and the nearby vents blew air directly on the people in this section. The air conditioning was running really high in order to accommodate the thousands of people that were present. Being right under the vents was very uncomfortable. The ductwork and vents being right there ruined the experience, and there nothing I could do to get the air conditioning turned down. It annoys me that all of the air registers were right there and not spread out more. Next time, I won’t purchase a ticket for the area near the ductwork.

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Not long ago I decided to accept my first big-girl job in a brand new place, several hours away from where I grew up. I’m awfully excited to begin this new journey in my job, but I’m sad about leaving my best friends behind. I can definitely drive home for any time, but by the time I’ve worked 40 hours and stuff, I doubt I will prefer to spend half my weekend trying to drive home. Because I’m still new to the city, I haven’t made that many friends. As much as i love spending my weekends relaxing on the couch, it can get lonely from time to time. In attempt to cure this melancholy, I’ve decided to purchase a puppy. I’m not sure which dog I’ll end up getting, but I’ve been doing a lot of homework on the maintenance and time they can require. In all of the posts I’ve read, they’ve suggested getting an air purifier for canine dander. This purifier will be great for any people I may have over who are allergic to these pets. The device is awesome at trapping all pet dander, toxins, and hair within the environment. A carbon filter is also the best at removing pet odors and odd smells in my home. Another great feature about these air purifiers is that most of the ultra-modern systems work in tandem with the HVAC gear. I can hook it up to my cell and activate it from wherever my life is at. I will definitely be purchasing a cleaner for my living space because I don’t want to constantly be cleaning up hair and sniffing the bad pup odors.central-air-conditioning

Since graduating from school, I have gotten into the habit of moving in the summer. With leases and job contracts taken on an annual basis, that pattern continues to repeat itself. When I was living up north, summer was the perfect time of year, because it meant avoiding moving in the severe Winter weather they have up there. I didn’t need to worry about getting frostbite hauling my dining room table from the moving van and up the stairs! Also, most of my friends took their vacations in the summer, and I was able to find people willing to help move.  Involving friends always makes the workload a lot easier.  Then I moved down south. The ancient pickup I used to drive didn’t have a working air conditioner. I was hauling a bunch of my stuff down the highway, with all the windows down to get some outside air, when I fully realized how tough this would be. By the time I arrived at my new apartment, I was exhausted because of the heat and humidity.  It only got worse when I started carrying stuff up the stairs to my apartment. The lack of air conditioning truly tired me out.  As soon as I got the truck emptied out, I cranked up  the air conditioner in the new apartment and laid down for  a nap. I finished hauling my possessions up from the truck in the dark.  It was a bit cooler at night. deal. The next time I moved, I changed the annual cycle and moved during the winter.  In the south, I didn’t need air conditioning or heating in the truck. I later traded in my truck for a newer model with a properly working heating plus cooling system.

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This past month, I ended up getting a little sick and needed go see a decent doctor. Though, I do detest going to the medic. My health insurance doesn’t cover the cost, so it costs me a king’s ransom, and I despise the wasting of my time. I knew that if I wanted to avoid my cold worsening, I needed to get a prescription for a few antibiotics. It was in the midst of October and quite warm for the day at this time of the year. Because I had a fever, body aches, and chills, I dressed in a sweatshirt as well as long pants. I still wasn’t warm enough to undertake the blast of the air conditioner within that doctor’s office. My appointment was at noon that afternoon, and I arrived a good amount before. I stood in that waiting room, getting pummeled with freezing cold air, for nearly an hour and a half. I can’t imagine why the air conditioner was running at max capacity in the middle of this month, but everyone in that waiting room was cold. Everyone coughing, sneezing, and spreading their germs was terrible for so many reasons. I finally went up to the main desk and complained regarding the long wait and the temperature. I needed to be home to bed, huddled under the blankets, not necessarily getting beaten up by air conditioning. When I got in to finally see the medical staff, I had become extremely angry and feeling pissed. After that, I still had to drive by the pharmacy and wait another a half-hour to retrieve my antibiotics. At least the pharmacy wasn’t trying to murder their customers with extra air conditioning.

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Since leaving college, I found myself in the habit of moving in summertime. With leases and work contracts on an annual basis, that pattern asserted itself on my life. When I was living up north, that was pretty fortunate because it meant avoiding moving in the brutal winters they have up there. I wouldn’t need to worry about getting frostbite hauling my couch up the stairs! Also, most of my friends took their vacation around that time, meaning it was easier to find people willing to help move, which made it all a lot easier, until I moved down south. The old pickup I used to drive didn’t have air conditioning. I was hauling a load of my stuff down the highway, blowing outside air through the air ducts in the truck, when I realized how hard this would be. By the time I got to the new place, I was worn out by the shabby air quality, and it got worse when I started hauling stuff up the stairs to my apartment. The lack of air conditioning made me much more tired than usual, and as soon as I got the truckbed emptied, I turned on the A/C in the new place and took a nap. I finished hauling my stuff up from the cab near dark, when the lack of climate control wasn’t such a big deal. I decide to try to break the annual cycle so that I could move in winter when no air conditioning was required. Also, I traded in my truck for a newer model with both heating and cooling.

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For a graduate student, I spend an incredible amount of time researching and writing nearly every day in the school library. It seems as though I am always getting a new project the instant I finish one! Graduate school is definitely very rewarding, but those rewards come with plenty of work. I used to spend all of my time studying in the school library, but it can be very hard to concentrate in there. I always seem to sit in a spot near a couple of chatty people, and the printers are constantly going off. With so much noise, I can never manage to concentrate, especially with the air conditioner functioning on high. Not only is it freezing inside the library, but the HVAC system is also truly noisy. I’m sure it’s because the HVAC unit required is really large to provide cool air for a really large space like the library. There is this constant humming noise when the air conditioning is running, and the additional noise can be really distracting. For recent weeks, I have started researching and writing papers at home. While it can be effortless to get distracted, at least I have greater control over noise combined with air conditioning! Thankfully, the air conditioner in my apartment is very quiet, so I don’t have to worry about that loud humming noise. Being allowed to control the thermostat in my home entails that I don’t have to bother with getting too cold from my air conditioning! Being a graduate student definitely takes an excessive amount dedication and focus, and having a quiet and comfortable environment definitely helps. Now that I’m not getting distracted from noise and excessive air conditioning in the library, it’s been much simpler to complete all of my projects!

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