Monday’s are the day of the week I hate the most. Every Monday, I wake up feeling exhausted. I feel like I need to crawl back in bed for another few hours. By Tuesday I feel like I am settled into my weekday schedule. Then, the weekend arrives and I am sleeping in and lazing around. Next thing I know Monday is dragging on again. This past Monday was worse than normal. I was late to work making my morning frustrating. When I got to work the worst thing happened. The HVAC system was broken. It had quit running sometime over the weekend when no one was in the office. They had called the HVAC service by the time I finally arrived at work. Even though the air conditioner was not working we could not go home. Work must go on in the heat. It was miserable as we worked. We had meetings in hot conference rooms with no fans or anything to circulate the air. For lunch everyone left the building to find relief for an hour in an air conditioned restaurant. After lunch we were in a meeting and suddenly heard air as it spilled through the air conditioner vents. The cold air felt amazing. We all clapped, some people even whooped for joy at the feeling of the cold air. Finally my Monday was getting better. By the time we left work for the night the building was back to its normal cool temperature and we were assured Tuesday would be a better work day complete with air conditioning.  

heating and air conditioning

Not a lot of people consider the air at home. The air can really be gross inside of your home. HVAC units tend to be dusty and release the dust in the breathing air. The dust then affects those with asthma and allergies. A gas furnace can release carbon monoxide which is toxic for your breathing air. HVAC ducts can have dust in them that will ruin your indoor air quality and your HVAC unit. How do you ensure that your breathing air is clean and contaminant free? What you can invest in is a air purifier. An air purification system can be set right into your HVAC device. It cleans the air that your breathe in. Dust and debris are handled in the home with an air purifier. What if this is not enough for your air quality? The air purifier cleans the air, but not before you might have already breathed it in. UV lights installed in the cooling system cleans the air first. It attacks the microorganisms DNA and cleans the air. The air is completely cleaned and then released into your home. Another way to ensure you have clean air is to swap out air filter in the cooling device and the furnace filter in your gas heater. The dust in the filter when clogged will release in your breathing air. What about hydration in your air? Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are also smart to think about when it comes to air quality. Adding and removing moisture can really affect your health and quality of living.


It’s time to upgrade to a new air conditioning system, and I’ve been researching the different types of systems that are available. We don’t need to replace the furnace, as it barely gets used, but since we live in a tropical humid climate, the air conditioner gets used far more often. We probably have to run the air conditioner nine months out of the year. Of the remaining three months, the heater or furnace might be turned on six or seven days total. The rest of the three months, we either open windows, or throw an extra blanket on the bed. In the winter months, my electricity bill is amazingly low. Of course, on the other hand, when summer rolls around, the energy bills are enough to feed a small country. There are a few options that I have to consider, before I buy a new air conditioner. Firstly, a new efficient model may help to eliminate 30-50% of our monthly energy costs. We also have to choose the size cooling unit also. If you choose a unit with a low tonnage, then your unit will have to work harder, and that costs money, and puts extra hardship on your HVAC unit.  Generally speaking, expert HVAC technicians recommend one ton per every 800-1000 sq/ft. Most homes will need three ton air conditioners. Less isn’t always more, so get an expert opinion before choosing what unit best suits your needs. If you have too much tonnage, then your air conditioner won’t cycle properly, and that can lead to a whole slew of problems.


My friend Shawna is a very picky person. She can always find something to criticize. Sometimes I wonder why I hang out with her. She is funny, though, and does have a caring side. She just rarely shows it. An example of this occurred at the movie theater the other day. We were out with a group of friends. We caught a matinee at our local movie theater. Even though the temperature outdoors was fairly cool, the theater had the air conditioning blasting. Shawna was very vocally outraged about this. The cold temperature in the theater was going to affect her movie-watching experience. Yes, she had a coat, but she shouldn’t have to wear it to watch a movie indoors. Why didn’t the movie theater have a more adequate concept of customer-appropriate HVAC? The theater worker at the popcorn stand had to tell her that the HVAC was out of order and the air conditioner was on the fritz. She was even more annoying in her tirade after that. The moment the movie started, though, she shut up and sat down. We had paid to see a movie, after all. About half an hour in, we were all pretty chilly, but our friend Margot had not brought any sort of jacket. Shawna noticed that she was basically shaking from the cold. Shawna had worn a heavy sweater and brought a coat, so she gave her coat to Margot without a word. Despite the fault air conditioning making her cranky and a bit unbearable, Shawna does have a kind side after all.

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