My buddy Tommy recently got hired at a pharmaceutical company. It is one of the most well-known manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs, so Tommy was honestly gleeful to get hired there. He is in charge of cleaning containers and vials that medication gets put into. All of them need to be sterilized to get rid of any type of bacteria. It’s a delicate process, and he has to adhere to all company standards when doing it, too. Every half an hour, Tommy needs to run a bunch of tests to ensure that there is no bacteria in the vials after they have been cleaned and sterilized.  The process of making medications is both methodical and very careful, since there are exact combinations of chemicals that go into the process. Thus, temperature control is a really important part of making effective drugs. The building that makes the drugs needs to keep specific temperatures all the time, which helps avoid any unwanted chemical reactions that might potentially ruin the drugs. The heating and cooling units are really huge, and each building has its own air conditioner and its own furnace. Not only that, but each and every HVAC unit has an air purification system attached too, in order to remove any toxins that might be floating around in the air. Tommy has to wear a mask when he’s at work, but it’s nice that there is also an air purification system as a backup measure. I had no idea that temperature control and air purification would be so important in a factory, but it definitely makes sense, especially when considering the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs. It’s so great that Tommy found a job he likes, but it’s also great that the HVAC system will keep him safe!

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My best friend Tommy got a job as a worker in a local pharmaceutical company. This company distributes their pharmaceutical drugs all across the country, so Tommy was really pleased to be employed there. His task is to clean any sort of vial or container that comes through the assembly line before any sort of medication is added. It seems like a pretty detailed process, since all the machines are set to precise temperatures, and they are trained to test for bacteria levels on all the surfaces. Making medications is a really painstaking process, particularly since all the chemicals could easily react with each other. This makes temperature control into an essential part of the process. There is a massive web of air conditioners and furnaces throughout the factory, and each HVAC unit is set to a very specific temperature. Not having adequate temperature control could easily cause the drugs to have a bad reactions, and they might be ruined. Along with temperature control, the factory also focuses on indoor air quality. Each individual HVAC unit has an air purification system connected to it, so any type of toxins that might be hovering inside the air are removed before they get distributed through the air vents. They all wear masks at work, but it’s really great that the factory takes the health and safety of their workers in mind by having up-to-date HVAC systems! Tommy has been looking for a good job for a long time now, and I am so happy to hear that he has finally found one.

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Although Heating, Ventilation, and A/C units are very reliable, there are occasions where repairs are necessary. For cooling units, there are a few general issues that homeowners may encounter. One of these problems comes from dirty air filters. If air filters are not regularly cleaned and replaced, dirt and dust can build up inside the HVAC unit. This will decrease the efficiency of the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit, and it also lets dirt and dust circulate throughout the home. Another air conditioning problem originates from running low on refrigerant. If the a/c does not contain enough refrigerant, the air will be warm or maybe hot. Refrigerant can sometimes leak out or just run out with time, so it is crucial to make certain that the refrigerant in the cooling unit is officially checked. Additionally, low refrigerant levels can make the compressor overheat or even seize up. The compressor acts as the control center for the a/c, and if it stops working, the entire a/c stops, too! Even though these are common problems, they are certainly preventable. Scheduling a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist to check your a/c can help avoid these common concerns. Most of the heating and cooling companies have repair plans that also include routine Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair. The best way to make sure your a/c is functioning properly is by scheduling Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair both before and after summer.  The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist will replace clogged air filters and check refrigerant levels to make certain that your a/c is in great condition before the heat and humidity begins.

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Although Heating, Ventilation and A/C units are honestly reliable, there are a few times where maintenance may be needed. For cooling units, there are a handful of common troubles that homeowners could encounter, and one of these troubles originates from clogged air filters. If air filters are not cleaned plus updated, dirt plus dust will collect inside the cooling system. This harms the efficiency of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit, and it also lets these airborne contaminants travel across the home. Another cooling system issue could come from refrigerant levels. If the air conditioner is low on refrigerant, the air coming from the a/c will be moderate, rather than cool. Refrigerant can leak from tubes or run out with use, so it is essential to ensure that the refrigerant is checked on a regular basis. Additionally, low refrigerant can make the compressor either overheat or seize up. As the control center for the air conditioner, if the compressor seizes up, the air conditioner does, too. While these descriptions apply to common troubles, they are also avoidable. Having a Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker inspect your cooling system can assist you in avoiding these maintenance issues. There are plenty of heating plus cooling companies that provide maintenance plans for routine Heating, Ventilation and A/C repair. The best method of checking your cooling system is to have Heating, Ventilation and A/C maintenance completed before and after summer temperatures. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C technician can easily replace old air filters, plus check refrigerant so you can be positive that your cooling system is in the best condition.

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Although Heating, Ventilation, and A/C units are typically quite reliable, there are a few occasions where repairs might be needed. When considering air conditioners, there are some common issues that can happen, with one of these stemming from dirty or clogged air filters. If an air filter is not checked and replaced in a timely fashion, dirt and dust from the air start to pile up inside the cooling unit. This decreases the efficiency and indoor air quality of the home. A second common issue with air conditioners is when the A/C runs out of refrigerant. Without adequate refrigerant levels, any air that comes from the air conditioner won’t be cool. Instead, the air conditioner will start putting out warm or heated air. Refrigerant will naturally lower over time and heavy use, but it could also be draining out through a crack or leak in the system. For this reason, checking the refrigerant is an important part of HVAC maintenance. If the refrigerant happens to run out and the air conditioner is still running, the compressor could fry, making for expensive air conditioner repairs. Even though these issues are common, they can be prevented through regular HVAC maintenance. If a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C technician regularly checks your cooling unit, you can stop these issues from happening. HVAC businesses tend to offer package service plans in order to make maintenance simple. Having a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker replace air filters and analyze refrigerant levels will ensure that you can have reliable air conditioning through the heat and humidity. heater-repair

Although HVAC units are generally very reliable, there are times where maintenance or repairs are needed. For air conditioners, there are a few common issues that homeowners tend to encounter. One of these issues stems from dirty air filters. If air filters are not cleaned and replaced regularly, dirt and dust will start to build up inside the air conditioner. Not only does this decrease the efficiency of the HVAC unit, but it also means that dirt and dust will start circulating throughout the home. Another common A/C issue comes from running out of refrigerant. If the air conditioner does not have enough refrigerant, the air it disperses will be warm or even hot. Refrigerant can either leak or simply run out over time, so it is important to make sure that the refrigerant in the cooling unit is regularly checked. Additionally, low levels of refrigerant can cause the compressor to overheat and seize up. The compressor is the control center for the air conditioner, and once it stops working, the entire air conditioner stops, too. While these are all common issues, they are also entirely preventable. Having an HVAC technician regularly check your air conditioner can help you avoid all of these common problems. Many heating and cooling companies have service plans that involve routine HVAC maintenance. The best way to check your air conditioner is to schedule HVAC maintenance before and after the summer.  The HVAC technician can replace dirty air filters and check the refrigerant to make sure that your air conditioner is in top condition before the heat and humidity starts.

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I’ve really been in need of scheduling a meeting with an HVAC provider to get a new HVAC unit installed. My previous HVAC unit decided to die on me a little while ago. An HVAC repairman came out to see it, and he said that it would be better and cost-effective just to get a wholly new unit. I was disappointed that I would have to spend so much money, but I was happy for any brand new HVAC unit. My old one had been malfunctioning for months. The HVAC company said that it would take some time to install, and that I would have to be home when they did the installation. That has been almost three weeks ago, and I still have not scheduled my HVAC installation! I have been swamped for the past three weeks, and every day for at least the next week is packed. Tomorrow, my brother has a basketball game all the way across town at 5:00. I do not get off of work until 4, and the game is at least 30 minutes away from work. Tomorrow will not work. Tuesday, my brother has another basketball game at 6, and my fiance wants to meet for supper quickly before the game, then we are going to go look at paint samples after the game. Wednesday through Saturday, I am undertaking a business trip. Sunday is constantly busy with church. Next Monday is my niece’s birthday party. Next Tuesday I have a doctor’s appointment in addition to a piano lesson after school. It will be at at a minimum next Wednesday before I am likely to get my new HVAC unit!

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It seems as if fall is finally here. I’ll have to get my HVAC provider to come up and inspect my heating and air conditioning system to make sure everything is working correctly. We have some pretty harsh winters here and the last thing I need is for my HVAC system to fail me at night during winter. I have a good gas furnace and heat water pump. The heat pump works when it is not too cold but then the gas furnace kicks in when it is in need a sudden blast of hot air. My HVAC system is very efficient so I don’t waste a small fortune on my utility bills. I believe I’ll ask my HVAC provider about installing a smart thermostat so I can adjust the temperature around my house from my smart phone. That way, if I am far from the house, I can correct the temperature so my gas furnace does not work as much. I think I’ll have this HVAC provider change the filter at my air handler. I normally do it myself, but as long as he’s coming by I’ll let him apply it since he has to inspect air handler anyways. I’ll also get him looking at the ductwork in my attic to check there aren’t any leaks in the air ducts. If air leaks out from your ductwork that can make one’s air handler work overtime and that can cost you big bucks on your utility bill. Last year he found a leak a single of my air ducts along with after he patched it I noticed a big change in my monthly utility statement. I hope he doesn’t find any leaks in the ductwork this year.

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My mother’s love for her children was and still is amazing. I am older now, but she still covers me whenever I need her to. As a child, she was always there for me and she worked hard to support our family. When I came home from the park with grass stains across my jeans, she would spend hours with a stain stick trying to get them out. Instead of buying me new clothes, she simply worked hard to make the dirty ones look great again. I may not have appreciated her as much as I should have then, but I sure do today. In my house, I do the identical things with the HVAC environment filters. I used to throw my old ones out every so often and replace them with a new and clean one I bought to replace it. While they are not super expensive, they still are a pain to purchase and the cost adds up. Therefore, I made the switch to get an air filter that simply has to be washed every month instead of replaced. I realize some people have negative things to claim about washable air filters, but I promise you they may have been a blessing for my own household. I simply take them out month after month, pick all of the dust out of the filter, and rinse them under the sink. Just as my mother used to wash my jeans to look new again, I do exact the same thing with my heating and cooling equipment. I don’t think I’ll ever do anything differently now that I do this method.


Just last weekend, I went to my company’s annual sales meeting. It is a huge event, and sales most people, account executives, and managers from the country are in attendance. We usually have several seminars every day, and in the evenings, there’s a great dinner with some kind of presentation. One day is dedicated to a golf tournament, which has gotten to be very competitive through the years. It is always a extremely fun and informative weekend. Of this year’s event, they asked us all to be prepared to give a presentation describing one of our accounts. They wanted us to speak about a unique company offering, or a sales process that was uncommon. I had a great subject to discuss, and had created a presentation we believed, was informative, yet funny and not boring. I kept it brief and to the point, and felt very sure about my topic. The day of my presentation, our conference room was packed. The room was way too small for the amount of people in attendance. The air conditioner wasn’t working well, and before we even got started, everyone was stressing. My boss tried to adjust the thermostat, to no success. I was the fifth person to complete their presentation, and by that point, no one was even focusing. I thought I may quit because I was last in the group, because I was which means hot and sweaty. But even though the HVAC system was crashing, I still got some laughs, and I didn’t faint.

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