My mother’s love for her children was and still is amazing. I am older now, but she still covers me whenever I need her to. As a child, she was always there for me and she worked hard to support our family. When I came home from the park with grass stains across my jeans, she would spend hours with a stain stick trying to get them out. Instead of buying me new clothes, she simply worked hard to make the dirty ones look great again. I may not have appreciated her as much as I should have then, but I sure do today. In my house, I do the identical things with the HVAC environment filters. I used to throw my old ones out every so often and replace them with a new and clean one I bought to replace it. While they are not super expensive, they still are a pain to purchase and the cost adds up. Therefore, I made the switch to get an air filter that simply has to be washed every month instead of replaced. I realize some people have negative things to claim about washable air filters, but I promise you they may have been a blessing for my own household. I simply take them out month after month, pick all of the dust out of the filter, and rinse them under the sink. Just as my mother used to wash my jeans to look new again, I do exact the same thing with my heating and cooling equipment. I don’t think I’ll ever do anything differently now that I do this method.


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