HVAC visit

I’ve really been in need of scheduling a meeting with an HVAC provider to get a new HVAC unit installed. My previous HVAC unit decided to die on me a little while ago. An HVAC repairman came out to see it, and he said that it would be better and cost-effective just to get a wholly new unit. I was disappointed that I would have to spend so much money, but I was happy for any brand new HVAC unit. My old one had been malfunctioning for months. The HVAC company said that it would take some time to install, and that I would have to be home when they did the installation. That has been almost three weeks ago, and I still have not scheduled my HVAC installation! I have been swamped for the past three weeks, and every day for at least the next week is packed. Tomorrow, my brother has a basketball game all the way across town at 5:00. I do not get off of work until 4, and the game is at least 30 minutes away from work. Tomorrow will not work. Tuesday, my brother has another basketball game at 6, and my fiance wants to meet for supper quickly before the game, then we are going to go look at paint samples after the game. Wednesday through Saturday, I am undertaking a business trip. Sunday is constantly busy with church. Next Monday is my niece’s birthday party. Next Tuesday I have a doctor’s appointment in addition to a piano lesson after school. It will be at at a minimum next Wednesday before I am likely to get my new HVAC unit!

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