My buddy Tommy recently got hired at a pharmaceutical company. It is one of the most well-known manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs, so Tommy was honestly gleeful to get hired there. He is in charge of cleaning containers and vials that medication gets put into. All of them need to be sterilized to get rid of any type of bacteria. It’s a delicate process, and he has to adhere to all company standards when doing it, too. Every half an hour, Tommy needs to run a bunch of tests to ensure that there is no bacteria in the vials after they have been cleaned and sterilized.  The process of making medications is both methodical and very careful, since there are exact combinations of chemicals that go into the process. Thus, temperature control is a really important part of making effective drugs. The building that makes the drugs needs to keep specific temperatures all the time, which helps avoid any unwanted chemical reactions that might potentially ruin the drugs. The heating and cooling units are really huge, and each building has its own air conditioner and its own furnace. Not only that, but each and every HVAC unit has an air purification system attached too, in order to remove any toxins that might be floating around in the air. Tommy has to wear a mask when he’s at work, but it’s nice that there is also an air purification system as a backup measure. I had no idea that temperature control and air purification would be so important in a factory, but it definitely makes sense, especially when considering the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs. It’s so great that Tommy found a job he likes, but it’s also great that the HVAC system will keep him safe!

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