My friend

My best friend Tommy got a job as a worker in a local pharmaceutical company. This company distributes their pharmaceutical drugs all across the country, so Tommy was really pleased to be employed there. His task is to clean any sort of vial or container that comes through the assembly line before any sort of medication is added. It seems like a pretty detailed process, since all the machines are set to precise temperatures, and they are trained to test for bacteria levels on all the surfaces. Making medications is a really painstaking process, particularly since all the chemicals could easily react with each other. This makes temperature control into an essential part of the process. There is a massive web of air conditioners and furnaces throughout the factory, and each HVAC unit is set to a very specific temperature. Not having adequate temperature control could easily cause the drugs to have a bad reactions, and they might be ruined. Along with temperature control, the factory also focuses on indoor air quality. Each individual HVAC unit has an air purification system connected to it, so any type of toxins that might be hovering inside the air are removed before they get distributed through the air vents. They all wear masks at work, but it’s really great that the factory takes the health and safety of their workers in mind by having up-to-date HVAC systems! Tommy has been looking for a good job for a long time now, and I am so happy to hear that he has finally found one.

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