Just last weekend, I went to my company’s annual sales meeting. It is a huge event, and sales most people, account executives, and managers from the country are in attendance. We usually have several seminars every day, and in the evenings, there’s a great dinner with some kind of presentation. One day is dedicated to a golf tournament, which has gotten to be very competitive through the years. It is always a extremely fun and informative weekend. Of this year’s event, they asked us all to be prepared to give a presentation describing one of our accounts. They wanted us to speak about a unique company offering, or a sales process that was uncommon. I had a great subject to discuss, and had created a presentation we believed, was informative, yet funny and not boring. I kept it brief and to the point, and felt very sure about my topic. The day of my presentation, our conference room was packed. The room was way too small for the amount of people in attendance. The air conditioner wasn’t working well, and before we even got started, everyone was stressing. My boss tried to adjust the thermostat, to no success. I was the fifth person to complete their presentation, and by that point, no one was even focusing. I thought I may quit because I was last in the group, because I was which means hot and sweaty. But even though the HVAC system was crashing, I still got some laughs, and I didn’t faint.

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