It seems as if fall is finally here. I’ll have to get my HVAC provider to come up and inspect my heating and air conditioning system to make sure everything is working correctly. We have some pretty harsh winters here and the last thing I need is for my HVAC system to fail me at night during winter. I have a good gas furnace and heat water pump. The heat pump works when it is not too cold but then the gas furnace kicks in when it is in need a sudden blast of hot air. My HVAC system is very efficient so I don’t waste a small fortune on my utility bills. I believe I’ll ask my HVAC provider about installing a smart thermostat so I can adjust the temperature around my house from my smart phone. That way, if I am far from the house, I can correct the temperature so my gas furnace does not work as much. I think I’ll have this HVAC provider change the filter at my air handler. I normally do it myself, but as long as he’s coming by I’ll let him apply it since he has to inspect air handler anyways. I’ll also get him looking at the ductwork in my attic to check there aren’t any leaks in the air ducts. If air leaks out from your ductwork that can make one’s air handler work overtime and that can cost you big bucks on your utility bill. Last year he found a leak a single of my air ducts along with after he patched it I noticed a big change in my monthly utility statement. I hope he doesn’t find any leaks in the ductwork this year.

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