A couple weeks ago, I had some troubles that were not easy to deal with. I was very busy at the office which stressed me out considerably. One of my co workers quit so all of her workload was handed off to me as well as my own. The only thing I would like to do after work these days is go home and relax on my own all night. In the past I went for drinks and dinner time with friends after work but now I barely see them. I find myself always heading home right after I get out of work. In addition to the tension caused from work, I was having difficulty with my thermostat at home. My living conditions are not comfortable if the heating and cooling settings within my home are not to my liking, so this thermostat issue was something difficult to me. It was a strange issue I’ve never had with my HVAC unit. I would set my thermostat to a certain temperature each morning but when I came back, it was set at a completely different temperature. I don’t live here with anyone, so I realize nobody is adjusting the thermostat but me. Actual heat and air conditioning was still blowing out from the HVAC unit so I know absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is the thermostat. I called for HVAC maintenance and someone came to resolve the issue within no time at all. Since my thermostat issue was resolved, everything had become better at home and at work. Work is actually less stressful and I am happier in my own home.

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When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents residence. My parents both worked, and most of the time their job took them out of town. They were on the road probably two weeks each month, and that’s when I had to stay with Grandma and grandpa. I actually loved staying at their side. My Grandma was a excellent cook, and my Grandpa at all times helped me with my homework. He also taught me how to play chess, and try as i might, I could never overcome him. I also loved to sleep at their residence. I had my own room which was up on the third floor in their old house. I really loved it up there given it felt very private, and I when i looked out the window, I could see all the way up the street. In the cold winter months, it was always really frosty up there. Even though heat up rises, their old furnace isn’t capable of keeping the other floor warm. The window was drafty, and there wasn’t much insulation in the rooms or ceiling. In the summer season, it was always hot up there. My grandparents did not have air conditioning, and I would put a fan inside the window to blow cool air into my room. I usually moved my bed right below the window so I could make the most of the cool, night breeze. Which i got the best night’s sleep when i stayed there. I have rather fond memories of my time spent with my grandparents.

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A long time ago, we would go to my grandma’s house for the Thanksgiving holiday. These holidays were awesome. They were lovely days loaded with great food and family love. Everyone got along with one another and enjoyed the holidays. Everyone ate and played games and talked. It was a neat thing for our family. One year there was an extra cold Thanksgiving day, plus the heater at their house wasn’t working well. The home was cold except in the kitchen. The kitchen was warmer as the stove and oven were on all day. We spent the day wearing our coats. They did not have a neighborhood HVAC service they could call. They lived in a rural area without the need for emergency repair hours. My grandpa left for his shop building where he kept all his tools and found two old space heaters. He plugged these in inside his living room. We usually ate inside the formal dining room but there was clearly not room in there to safely plug in all the space heaters. Once the heaters were plugged in, the living room warmed up nicely and was actually fairly comfortable. We moved the tables to the living room and ate our Thanksgiving meal in there, with space emitters for heat. It was honestly one our most memorable Thanksgivings because everyone was forced into close contact on the day of celebrating. I know my grandparents were glad when the HVAC service repairman came out. They easily and inexpensively fixed the HVAC system.

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My parents have lived at my childhood house since I was born. During my childhood years we didn’t have a central heating and air system. We had space heaters and window air conditioner units along with fans. These did not make the house very comfortable, but we did not roast or freeze. I remember when we got a central air and heating unit installed in the house. It was wonderful to enjoy cool air flowing from the vents. For the first time ever, we had a very good and comfortable house. My parents still have that same HVAC unit in their home along with an additional heating and cooling system for the additions to their home. The main HVAC system is more than 20 years old. It desperately needs replacing, but my parents do not want to spend the cash to it. This poor heating and cooling system has had a great deal of problems over the last couple of years. They have had significant numbers of repairs done to it, mostly to the air conditioning portions of the system. They are in an area with extremely warm weather and long summers so the air conditioner has gotten even more use than the heater. Someday soon my parents will need to give in and replace their HVAC system. I hope when they do, time they will get an energy efficient and high tech product. The energy efficient and leading-edge models would make their lives so much easier in so many ways. I have told them they need to start researching now so they are prepared when they need to buy a new HVAC system.

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I actually was always told that any service that does a job for you, it should be completely experienced. As a homeowner who is picky which companies that do work for my home just like landscaping, cleaning services and my entire water system, I am a big advocate on who I choose for my HVAC company. About 36 months ago I had a very bad experience with a HVAC company who ended up doing more injury and harm to my HVAC system than helping it. Now I am extremely alert to what I look into when choosing an HVAC service. I love to search them online and take a look at any reviews that they may have listed on their website. If there is one bad review I can not go with them. I also like to look on their website and see all the certain types of other services they offer. HVAC companies ought to be very reputable with multiple excellent reviews, many different locations, have multiple programs such as do-it-yourself, maintenance programs and economical programs as well. When I see a provider offer many different services I feel as if they are very knowledgeable and that they hire specifically trained technicians and want to help their customers out. I also prefer to read the company’s mission statement. I find that a mission statement is important for an HVAC company’s success. Plus I think it’s important to see if an HVAC company allows free estimates for an HVAC technician to come and give you a price on how much it would cost. To learn more about an HVAC company in your town, do research and don’t feel bad when you want to ask questions before an HVAC technician performs any work on your HVAC system.

My children love to make fun of me because I am a big clean freak. I think that living in a clean home comes with better air quality, a more organized and stress-free home too which is good. I was brought up the exact same way as my parents stressed the importance to always keeping my room clean. I’m seeking to teach my children the same and relaying the message a clean home can minimize substances and illnesses. We do have a dog and sometimes she does stink so we try and at least bathe her every week. The other day I arrived into my home and something smelt extremely bad. It wasn’t from our dog, and it wasn’t from a dirty home. It was a raunchy smell. I went to my HVAC system considering that that was the smell where it was originating from. It’s not like it was my blower motor and it didn’t even sound like it’s running. I thought this was a very serious issue i really called my HVAC technician at once incase something electrical would catch burning down. The HVAC technician arrived to my home and showed the door of the blowing apparatus motor. The bearings of the motorized inflator motor seized up causing it for making an electrical smell. He also checked all the electrical wiring to make sure that there was no loose electro-mechanical connections. Luckily there wasn’t so this made the HVAC technician’s job some easier. After some tinkering relating to the barings and blower motor, a HVAC system was good when new again.

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For a long time, I have been considering the change from a tank-style water heater to a tankless option.  I was sort of concerned that a tankless option would not fulfill the demands of my household.  I have a huge home, with multiple bathrooms, a laundry room, and two sinks in the kitchen.  It is not unheard of for my family to be accessing hot water from multiple faucets at the same time.  From what I have read, this can be a problem for a tankless water furnace to handle.  However, there are some outstanding benefits that result  from a tankless water heater.  Although these modern water heaters are much higher priced to purchase and implement, they cost a lot less to run.  Instead of holding water in a big tank and frequently heating it, the water heater only heats the water when required.  When a faucet is used, the water travels through a heat exchanger and is heated to the optimum temperature.  The water has no opportunity to absorb the contaminants found in most tanks, so it is going to be much cleaner.  Plus, there is no storage unit occupying space in the basement, and no potential for it rupturing and causing flooding.  A tankless water heater can also be relied upon to last about twice as long as a old-fashioned water heater.  With replaceable parts, most tankless models can last even longer with very few repairs.  Many of the options on the market also feature advanced diagnostic systems that make homeowners aware of any potential troubles.  You can even set a particular temperature for the water in the household, and benefit from safety features.

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My family handles difficult water on a yearly basis. Hard water comes from a well in our earth. The water is not the best. Both of us do not use reverse osmosis to wash the water to make it drinkable. What the people I was with and I do is pay for water service. Both of us get clean water delivered to us to drink and cook with. Both of us shower however in our difficult water. This makes our hair yellow, stains our teeth and also stains our fixtures… Our tub, faucets, and sinks are consistently a very gross yellow color. I have looked into water softeners for our water source. But the water softener never seems to do what we want. I recognize that our water is just too hardy to handle any type of product. Anytime I talk to a plumbing professional, they consistently say to get water softening products. They also want to tear about our water furnace and makes fixes to it. How does that help our difficult water issue? No amount of cleaning and plumbing repairs will help our water. Also the water is so poor that it creates rust. The dirty particles in the water not only ruins our faucet, but rusts metals. That means our water furnace is consistently dealing with debris and corrosion. So the people I was with and I frequently need a plumbing repair due to our bad water. I wish the people I was with and I had neighborhood water rather than our stupid well water. Both of us used to have a better water source but the people I was with and I went away. Perhaps our family should move back because these plumbing repairs are just too much to handle inside of our home.

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The summer prior to leaving for college, I needed to earn some money.  I needed a considerable savings account to pay for books, regular expenses, and my rent.  Because I was leaving for  school at the end of August, I only had a few months to earn and save.  Not many places are looking to  hire extra help for just the short summer months.  I finally got hired by a local building contractor who wanted help with roofing jobs.  I thought roofing was the ideal way to earn money and get a great tan.  I had no idea how tiring roofing could be.  I got up ungodly early every morning, and labored all day in the blazing heat.  Because I had no background as a contractor, I was just a grunt worker.  I took care of the old shingles, nails, and assorted debris that got tossed off the roof and littered the yard.  I spent lots of hours raking and picking up old nails.  It was my responsibility to carry the fresh packages of shingles up the ladder.  This was a really challenging task.  The shingles were heavy, awkward, and difficult to hang on to while climbing the ladder.  I also assisted with tearing the old shingles off the roof, which is labor-intensive. Although I covered myself with lots of sunscreen I still got a wicked sunburn.  I have never consumed so much water in my life, but I was always dehydrated.  I sweated like crazy all day long.  I did learn a great deal about roofing and improved my skills with a hammer.   I was so relieved whenever it rained, because then I didn’t need to work.

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To look at when I was a kid, my parents had some really strict rules throughout the house. My sister and I may only watch certain television pipes, and if my mother saw any situation that she thought was inappropriate, we were immediately grounded along with restricted from watching television for a couple days! We could only ride our bikes to the end of the block, and we needed to be home each day by 6 pm in order to have a family dinner. When my sister and I got older, our curfew changed so that by 10 pm, it was still an exceedingly early curfew compared to our other classmates. My mother has been also very strict with thermostat spaces. She believed that it was safer to keep the furnace running low over the winter and just wear a few extra layers around. I know that my mother was wanting to save money by not keeping the furnace running on a regular basis, but our house was always so freezing through the winter! My sister and I were required to wear three layers of socks just to walk throughout the house without shoes on. We used to sit with blankets piled on us near the air vents, just so that we could catch a small amount of warm air from the furnace every so often. My sister and I ended up being expressly forbidden from touching your thermostat. Of course, we always dared the other person to change the thermostat functions when our mother wasn’t around, but we knew that she’d somehow find out. Now I am an adult and have my own house, I keep the thermostat settings on high on a regular basis!

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