Christmas is my favorite holiday during the year. I just wish that Christmas did not come in the middle of winter. I do not enjoy the cold weather of winter. For some, the cold of winter is organic of the magic. They love the winter’s snow in addition to a white Christmas. For me I would be just as happy to have Christmas by a warm and sunny beach. Sadly, Christmas in the beach is not a reality in my situation. I must make do together with the heater in my house and a cozy fire in the open fireplace. Thankfully, the heater in my house keeps me comfortable despite this winter’s chill. The heater goes perfectly and quietly. Sometimes I think if I sprinkled sand on to the ground I could pretend I was within the beach for Christmas. Even though my family is not at the beach for Christmas I most certainly will make the best of it with my home’s heating system. Our heater is usually adjusted comfortably to be as warm as we want it to be. To do that is extremely useful and for my husband he will set it to get slightly less warm. I love that this heater can be easily adjusted. I also love the cheerfulness our fireplace may bring to the home. The fire provides the house a cozy atmosphere you don’t get from running that heater alone. The fireplace fails to provide enough warmth to heat our home by itself, but used for an addition to our heater it truly is great. Without the heater and fireplace Christmas might be a frigid and uncomfortable day in my situation.climate-control

Ever since I was in elementary education I’ve loved theater. I am now currently majoring to be a theatre professional at the university. My college theater program puts on a play every month for the earliest semester. It had a great turnout because it was the first one, and we performed it during the freshman welcome week. We even got a chance to perform it in the university’s most significant theater room, which is pretty huge in my opinion. The audience was packed and I was so excited to have such a wide audience for the first play. The only problem was that it was incredibly hot inside this theater, and not the type of hot that came from our lights or something. I asked my director what was going on and she said that the theater’s HVAC unit had malfunctioned, but that the show had to go on! I begrudgingly got in place for the play and began to act. Before the first act was even over I felt  the heavy theater makeup running down on a liquid on my face. I was so nervous that I looked bad on stage that I even forgot one of the lines, and was even even more embarrassed. I hoped that the air conditioning would get fixed soon, because I don’t know if my makeup would be worse by the final act. In the nick of time, the air conditioner started working again and everyone inside theater was visibly relieved. I went on acting, and the audience ended up loving the play! I hope nothing like that will happen again, though I think I’ll be more prepared after having dealt with it once.

air conditioner 

It’s already autumn where I live, however, you wouldn’t know it because it doesn’t cool off until the cold season time. A week ago we had an unusual chilled front come through our spot, and it turned everything into an autumn heaven. It actually feels nice to head outside now, and I don’t feel me sweating while doing simple activities like heading to the mail. I also love the smell of fall air, and it feels somehow cleansing in my opinion. Because of this, this morning I decided to open the windows in my apartment and let in some of that fresh air. I noticed that within minutes my apartment had become extremely chilly. I saw that I still had my air conditioner running, so I turned it off and thought to solely rely on the open windows and keep my apartment cool. This actually went over really well. With just a few windows open, I could keep my entire apartment at 74 degrees fahrenheit, which actually ended up being a touch too chilly for me. I think for the rest of the fall and winter I’ll switch my air conditioner and heater off and enjoy the weather. If I can use my air conditioning rather than natural solutions, I could save a bundle of money on my monthly electric bills, and that means I’ll have more money to spend on alternative activities. It also feels good figuring out I’m conserving energy and being green while doing so. If the weather happens to get too cold, I’ll be forced to use my heater, but for now I’m going to enjoy giving my HVAC unit a break.

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By the time my son was 14, we found out that he was allergic to our pets. He had never shown symptoms or signs that he was allergic, and it seemed to creep up on him all of a sudden. One day he seemed to be having no problems whatsoever, and then the next day it was as if the sneezing plus the sniffling, and the headaches just appeared out of nowhere. When we took our son onto the doctor, he referred us to an allergist, and I thought he had to be kidding. Sure enough, after the initial visit, we found out that my son is not just allergic to cats and dogs, and everything with pet dander, but he is also allergic to some other allergens, including dust and pollen. Our doctor recommended we switch to air filters by means of Hepa filtration. These specials filters are much more expensive, but they help remove 99% of their dust and allergens from the environment. Hepa filters are used across most hospitals, doctor offices, along with medical facilities. We made the switch and it also really did help our boy feel some relief. About ten years later, we would need to buy an air filtration system, but only because our son’s allergies had gotten worse. Swapping the air filters along with Hepa filters, really did help alleviate much of the allergies for so many years. I would recommend that in case you have someone living in your dwelling with moderate to severe allergen hypersensitivity, switch to HEPA filters quickly.

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Last year we had a birthday party for our two young daughters, and it was a disaster because of HVAC issues. It started out as a wonderful winter day as our gas furnace was working fine. We woke up and had the entire day to make preparations for the party, not thinking the HVAC system would be a problem. The weather was quite chilly but our furnace was working fine. We tried to have an outdoor party last year but it snowed, so we didn’t want to make the same mistake again. My husband and I left the property, each with a list of items to pick up and errands to run. I even told him to pick up an air filter for the furnace.  Didn’t think we would have any problems. When he went to buy the decorations, they had ordered Superman rather than a fairy princesses, and they had none in stock! When I went to get the cake, it wasn’t available yet because the store A/C was broke. We both had our share of problems, but we made it back with enough time to set it all up. About an hour before the party began, the gas furnace in our house gave out. It was already beginning to feel chilly inside when we noticed it was too late to get the furnace fixed. I called my HVAC contractor and he said it would be two hours before he could get here. There was no way to know if he could repair the furnace once he got here. We tried to think if there was anything we could do as the party was over with.

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There is no better feeling than being able to buy your dream home. My partner and i recently did this, in a great area of our town no less. We have very friendly neighbors as well as the house itself is situated inside of a fantastic school district. We employ all the benefits of a beautiful home. The yard ended up being recently landscaped. The shutters just got a fresh coat of paint on them, and the front door is innovative and sleek. All of the hardware relating to the house is reproduced to enable it to look as though it all came straight from the nineteenth century. We are thrilled with the place! There was just 1 little problem we found. The HVAC item was ruining our overall curb appeal! The unit is so ungainly and ugly as sin. We love experiencing the benefits of great heating and cooling, but the HVAC equipment itself was making our backyard look very foolish and uncomely. We tossed around a few ideas to help shield some of the HVAC unit from passersby together with their judgments on our lawn. My partner had to put up some tall shutters for the HVAC unit. He thought it would be nice to paint the big shutters a color that could correspond well with the color of the house and trim. I wasn’t necessarily opposed to this idea, but developing a giant privacy screen next to our house did not sit well with me at night when i’d think about it. Instead, I wanted to set some trellises around the outside the HVAC unit for decoration and to hide it. On these trellises, we could have various climbing vines. To compromise with my husband i figured we could paint both the trellises and the shutters the same color to correspond with the overall aesthetic of our beautifully decorated home. This seemed to us to be the best solution for both the house and our conscience.hvac-unit

For the first time in my life, i now have central air conditioning. Previously, in my condo, we only had baseboard heating and in the summer we would open windows and circulate the air with box fans. I have got to say as a new home owner, air conditioning is the bee’s knees. Now that we have central air conditioning, my wife and i are very excited about it! Then again, we did not know whether or not we needed to get a screen type filter for the HVAC compressor. We did some research and learned that an HVAC screen might be a great idea! It functions as another key filter for our air conditioning unit. An HVAC screen will keep outside debris from establishing a home in our system. This in turn raises the efficiency of our awesome and completely new air conditioning system! An HVAC screen is made of a mesh filter that may be altered to fit our distinct HVAC compressor to a T. We learned that developing a screen is especially important for people like us in the long run. My wife suffers from significantly bad seasonal allergies. An HVAC screen is an effective barrier against pollen getting into the system and thereby into our home to destroy her sinus’. It also keeps the pollen as well as other debris from clogging up the mechanisms of the air conditioner itself. That debris can easily clutter up an air sifter quickly! This easily preventable debris is also often the reason for significant wear and tear on HVAC compressors. By way of getting an HVAC screen, were also in fact increasing the longevity of the A/C unit. We are definitely investing in an HVAC screen, since we adore our new air conditioning and want it to work extremely effectively and last as long as humanly possible!hvac-service

I recently received a weekend off from work. I was so excited finally to get some free time to relax in addition to sleep some more. I have not been around my house except to sleep for the past few months. My dog and I went on a long run on the beginning of the weekend last night and were sufficiently tired by the time we hit the sack. When we woke up then next morning, however, it was not noon. It was instead close to seven in the freaking morning. My dog was really barking loudly and there seemed to be a strange noise reverberating all over the inside of my apartment. I wandered sleepily throughout the house for a few minutes wishing i had my coffee before I finally established that it was my central heating boiler making those loud whistling noises. Obviously I am not some sort of HVAC technician, so I had to call one to be able to address the problem directly. I really desired to catch up on my sleep, but I could not fall back asleep with the boiler spouting those crazy tones. An HVAC technician came out to my house before noon and took a peek at my boiler. He was in a position to tell me that a major cause of the whistling in a gas boiler like mine is improper propane gas pressure. Luckily, the HVAC technician could address the problem and he got my boiler to calm down very fast. I probably had not noticed the whistling before because I’ve barely been home! I am glad to enjoy such a reliable heating and cooling business that’s always on call.


Our neighbors probably owns the least efficient heating system in the world. They own a gas fireplace that has seen better days. I have read online that you ought to have a HVAC contractor examine your heating system one or more times a year. What they do is clean it and nurture it. They check for cracked parts, lots of debris as well big issues. However, their heater has not seen a HVAC contractor before. I do not even know if there is even a HVAC company in my area. I think the nearest one will have to be at least an hour away. I really do not necessarily know, I have never contacted them. My neighbor’s fireplace really has not required service before. A HVAC technician has never been needed. My neighbor has been in a position to fix it everytime. Mainly their issue is it won’t turn on with the wireless remote sometimes. So what they did was change the remote batteries and tinker around within the inner workings of the chimney. Then the remote magically functions again. However with most heating systems, thermostat settings are necessary. The heater goes to what the thermostat is defined to. Their fireplace heats when on and does not within the next off. So that means it can also be 80 or 50 in their home and this doesn’t affect the fireplace. They have to remember to turn it on and off. There is no temperature control happening automatically. The thermostat doesn’t necessarily affect it. This makes it so they waste energy and live uncomfortable for all of the cold season.

This furnace recently was giving the family some problems. It was making noise and making a big production. It was slowly dying and I was required to call a HVAC company that can help me out. I started searching companies online to help out my system and I stumbled upon a number to call. I called the HVAC company and we made a scheduled visit. Next they told me I would have to come to them. I was wondering why I would need to drive to their location. My heater was tucked within my home. It is not a situation where I can rip it out and give it to them. I found it odd, but I still went to their location. I realized quickly when I arrived my mistake. I called a garage with a speciality with handling heating and cooling systems in cars. So I was basically at a mechanic with a working vehicle. I felt like such an idiot when I told them that my automotive heating and air conditioning was all set. I did not need completely new tires, an oil change or simply routine maintenance. All I needed was a furnace repair and they could not provide me with that. I ended up asking all the mechanics to see if they knew a HVAC business for me personally to call. By the time I left I had an unknown number for what was hopefully some sort of HVAC provider for units rather than for cars. I am not planning at making that mistake anytime soon later on. That was such an upsetting day.