My work sent me to Aurora, Colorado for three months, and I truly enjoyed my stay there. I had never visited that section of the country before, and I liked it so much that I am actually trying to move there next year! Aurora is one of the most beautiful cities that I have seen, and I had so much fun exploring all of the restaurants, bars, shopping centers, activities, and beautiful parks. People don’t know a lot about Aurora, which is surprising given that it is one of the largest three cities in all of Colorado. There are 350,000 people that live in Aurora, and the city stretches across 154 square miles. Located only a few miles away from Denver International Airport, Aurora has a ton of thriving businesses, occupying healthcare, bioscience, transportation, and even aerospace. One of my favorite things about Aurora is the temperature, since the climate is very warm and dry. In fact, the sun shines on an average of 300 days throughout the year, making it easy to get out and enjoy nature. Located on the base of the Rockies, Aurora has plenty of hiking trails and parks to explore. There are over five thousand acres of land, including hiking trails, mountain vistas, and prairies. Aurora also has a total of six golf courses, almost a hundred parks, two reservoirs, and over 450 different neighborhoods. Since I left Aurora, I have been looking at real estate listings every day, and hopefully, my job will be able to transfer me there within a year!

Aurora, Colorado business 

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