The one great thing about summer break as a kid would definitely be summer camp every year. It was only for a week but nonetheless I waited in anticipation every day up until the moment it was time to leave, excited to reunite with old friends and counselors within the previous year and meet brand-new people. I loved the fishing, hiking, crafts, and all the recreation we did. The camp I visited even had a rock climbing wall, zipline, and ropes course the older campers could actually go on, which were all a thrilling time. There were a number of cabins, for both the girls and boys, and the cabins were split into different teams that competed with the other at the end of the week in the big camp-wide game of capture the flag. There was a hiccup with that one year, though, when the air conditioner inside the cabin I was in smashed. The cabin had an AC wall unit that suddenly stopped working halfway through the week. The counselors attempted to check out and repair the broken air conditioning unit but they also couldn’t figure out what the matter was. The camp policy wouldn’t allow us to stay in a cabin with no cooling so my group would have to be split up and put towards whatever cabin had an available bed, so I was separated with the friends I had made. By the time the capture the flag game came around they realized the teams could be uneven thanks to the mix up because of the broken AC, but at this point we had grown accustomed to the new groups. In the end we were delivered back to the original team most people were on, with some families complaining, but we ended up winning!

fix my air conditioner 

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