Last night me and a few of my friends were having a launch party for one our favorite TV shows. We absolutely love the show and the new season was premiering so we decided to have a small gathering for it. We got the usual party necessities: drinks, food, snacks, and more. Everyone started arriving around 8: 30 and the show was on schedule to begin with at 9. We were all probably a gang of the biggest fans or fever monkeys you would muster up. Everything was going great until one of our friends, Mike, heard a clawing sound show up through the walls. It was a disturbing noise, and now that it was my house i was astounded and worried. Several of my handy friends decided to trace the sound back to the air conditioning unit within the property and came to a census. Obviously the HVAC had blown out and I needed to get it serviced asap. Luckily for us, it was currently summertime and then a furnace wasn’t really required and our only worry was over heating. It had been fairly chilly by wind the previous few days so we were still set for a great party but nevertheless, I made sure to contact my HVAC technician the subsequent morning. A sound like that could not be pretty and i was inevitably expecting a dent at my bank account. Regardless, the party was great and I had a lot of fun spending time with my mates, family, and favorite television sitcom. We hope, next time when I throw a gathering along these lines, my HVAC doesn’t take a toll.

HVAC fix 

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