I would love to improve the air quality amidst my home, but I’m not sure how you can go about it easily. I’ve read articles that recommend thoroughly weatherproofing your home to prevent outdoor contaminants, for example pollen and exhaust fumes, from easily getting inside. I’ve also read articles that warn against an overly tightened house, because of the need for adequate ventilation. I’ve looked into air cleaners, air purifiers, and also air filtration systems. I’ve thought of dehumidifiers and humidifiers also, and I gave some thought to a germicidal UV light. I’m not sure if all of these additions will make a significant difference in my air quality, and I don’t know how to pick the right one. I figured the ultimate way to start was to schedule a consultation with my HVAC technician. My technician serviced my HVAC system and analyzed my indoor air quality. He asked me all sorts of questions about hot and cold spots in the house,  any moisture issues, and if I had problems with static shock. He wanted to know how many people resided in the house, if we had pets, and how often I needed to dust. When he inspected and cleaned the HVAC system, he noticed a significant buildup of dust within the unit’s inner workings. He asked if we’d recently had renovations done in our home. Apparently, the construction debris entered the air conditioning unit, as well as it’s ductwork. Every time the air conditioner or even the furnace started up, dust was getting circulated at home. My HVAC technician suggested having the duct system cleaned as soon as possible.

indoor air quality 

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