Last week, my entire family went to dinner for my mom and dad’s anniversary. With all of my brothers and sisters, along with their husbands, wives and children, there were sixteen of us at the restaurant. We had decided on a place that happened to be a bit expensive, but was renowned for the beautiful atmosphere and great service. When we got there for the reservation, I was quite impressed seeing the table linens, chandeliers, piano music, and fresh flowers on each table. Although the cost was rather high, the food was great and I specifically loved the homemade carrot cake I had for dessert. Unfortunately, there was a major problem that just about ruined our evening. It’s late July, and the outside temperature was in the the mid to high eighties with high humidity and the restaurant felt very hot and sticky. At first, I thought that management just needed to turn down the thermostat somewhat. I finally asked our waiter if it may be possible to turn up the air conditioning a little bit in the restaurant. We were then told by the waiter that the air conditioner malfunctioned that afternoon, but an HVAC technician was called in. They expected the air conditioning to be fixed before the end of our meal. We were in that restaurant for a couple of hours, and saw no signs of an HVAC repair technician. By the time we all went home, my whole family was hot and sweaty. We probably won’t be returning to that restaurant because of the air conditioner fiasco. Wherever we choose go next, I’ll call ahead and make sure the air conditioner is working properly.

air conditioning system

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