My friend is trying to save up for the house of his dreams, so he recently made a decision to move from one rented living space to another. He was renting an extremely nice townhome with updated heating and cooling, but he wanted to cut costs and save extra income every month by moving. He looked online at the different realty listings and found a condo. It was clearly not a brand new construction job, but it was very affordable, in decent shape, and in mostly one of the good areas of the community, which was a rarity. He called the realtor the instant he saw it and said he would take it, sight unseen. That was not his best idea. He met with the realtor at the condo just to sign the lease. I went over to visit him a couple weeks after he moved in. While I was still walking in the door, he immediately began telling me about most of the problems the condo had, the biggest issue being the lack of air excellence.He said that he purchased an air cleaner the first day he moved in and the only way to make the condo tolerable was to insist that the air conditioning stay on and the air purifier keep running at all times. I felt bad, but that’s the price he paid for agreeing to go in without having seen the home, at all. I knew that I could never live in a home without clean, fresh air. For me, air quality has been my key to living comfortably. I made a mental note never to, under any circumstances, take accommodations without checking it out first face-to-face.

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