When my husband and I first got married, we started looking for a house to purchase. Our priority was more on the property size and location instead of the actual house. We found a plot of land that consisted of several acres surrounded by thick woods, with a significant pond, and no other people who lived nearby. We totally fell in love with the property, but the house was intended just for seasonal use. It was an adorable small hunting cabin that had everything we needed except a satisfactory heating system. Because the old owner had only used this cabin for hunting, he was happy with electric space emitters and box fans. There was no room inside that tiny home to install ductwork and no basement to house HVAC equipment. Eventually, my husband and I planned to position an addition which could be outfitted with a forced air environment HVAC system. The situation inside the cabin was definitely temporary, but we needed a way to live there for at least a couple of years without freezing to death. Following some research, we identified that a ductless multi-split system might solve our problem. The ductless heat pump includes a single outdoor unit that is linked with multiple indoor air handlers. The units are connected using a conduit that requires only a three-inch hole in the wall. The air handlers are installed up high on the wall, and provide heating and cooling in the particular rooms. These units usually are lightweight, compact and fairly attractive. They run very quietly, as they are super energy efficient. They  made it possible to sufficiently heat and cool our small hunting cabin all year at a very low charge.

aire mechanical air conditioning 

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