I’m not an HVAC professional, but I’m fairly certain that I need to update the gas furnace in my home. The original HVAC unit was installed several decades ago. I have taken good care of it over the years.  Still, the furnace is not longer energy efficient. I have hired routine maintenance completed by my local HVAC contractor, so the gas furnace is cleaned and inspected every fall, without fail. Because of routine maintenance, I’ve been able to avoid costly repairs.  I am pleased that the gas furnace has operated quite reliably these many years. Lately, I’ve noticed a big change and I am concerned. My heating costs each month are going up. The gas furnace doesn’t seem to be handling the outside temperature as easily. There are certain corners in the house  that are very cold,  which makes me suspect that there is a problem with the ductwork.  It may be blocked with contaminants.  When the temperatures outside is below zero, the gas furnace has a difficult time keeping the house nice and warm. There have been a couple of afternoons where the house was downright chilly.  I keep turning up the thermostat, and that’s no good. These numerous complaints with the gas furnace had me convinced that it must finally be reaching the end of its life. I’ve done some research into a new gas furnace, and so far, it seems as though there are tons of rewarding heating units to choose from. Modern HVAC technology has made some great developments in the last few years.  I look forward to investing in  a new gas furnace that is much more energy efficient than my current unit. I’ll be reluctant to part with the old gas furnace, however I know I’ve gotten my money’s worth from it.

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