Maybe it’s because my father is an HVAC technician, but I have been trained and become certified as well. Maybe it’s because he always came home with a smile on his face looking for a hard day’s work, but I’ve been striven for that ideal to boot. And maybe, the reason I went into the HVAC business, is because after coming home with a smile, my father would have the best stories to tell about his day at work. Now, I just might have my own. It was a good hot, sunny day when I first got the letter. It was a local bakery that was having problems with their humidity control. The owner of the store had called me and said about the staleness of that pastries and breads, and how it was integral to her sales to achieve HVAC system, and most importantly the humidity control element of it, be in top form, or else her business would decline. I immediately headed over and assessed the problem. As I worked through the issues, going through the ductwork and the thermostat, as well as the central system for the HVAC unit, I finally found the case, talking all the while with the lovely owner of the shop, telling her about proper attend to the unit. Well, it seems that she really enjoyed my conversation with her considerably, because after all was talked about and done, and the humidity control returned on track, she offered me a cake, and with it, she gave me her number. I was happily humming all the way up home, excited to give her a call.

HVAC unit 

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