Once or twice a year my mom determines to defrost the freezer. I always hope that I am never home on that day, as she drags everything out of the freezer and put it inside the deep sink and a portion of the stuff is just plain gross and unrecognizable. I don’t know why some of the stuff that ends up at the back of the freezer gets forgotten and then turns into something that we would never want to eat. Once there would be something green that should really be brown. Once it is defrosted the coils are exposed in the rear of the freezer. it is an older model so you’re able to actually see where the water goes through to generate a cooling system. This is much like what happens when your air conditioning product comes on. One time on our more mature units the coils became frozen there as well and would have to be thawed out and defrosted. The HVAC technician tried to fix it for hours. It is a lost cause. We decided to replace the item anyway. I know two things for sure, when I have my own house, I won’t have a large freezer to get defrosted and I will make sure it comes with an up-to-date HVAC system that shouldn’t run the chance of a similar thing happening. My mom never did actually mind defrosting the freezer and dealing with and finding what was recognizable and the thing that was not, I on the other hand do not wish to have to do this on some sort of yearly basis or ever plainly if I can only avoid it.HVAC equipment

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