I’m not a certified HVAC professional, however I’m pretty sure that I need to update the furnace inside my home. The original furnace was put in nearly twenty-eight years ago, and although I have been trying to take care of it, the unit is losing efficiency. I have seasonal maintenance performed through my local HVAC company, so the furnace is well cared for.  It is thoroughly cleaned and tuned up at least once each fall. Thankfully, with regular service, I’ve been able to avoid expensive malfunctions, and the furnace has been working fairly well. Still, I’ve noticed a drastic change in performance over the last year. My winter heating bills are getting more costly, and the furnace no longer responds well to changes in thermostat  settings. There are certain areas inside my home that are significantly colder than others, which makes me suspicious that maybe the duct system is contaminated with debris. When the winter temperatures drop below zero, the furnace struggles to warm up the house. There have been a few nights when I feel  chilly while trying to sleep, even after making the appropriate temperature control adjustments! I’ve had numerous complications with furnace just lately.  I am convinced that it is finally  reaching the end of its life. I’ve done research online, looking into a new furnace, and it seems that here are lots of efficient heating options to choose from. Modern HVAC technology has come a long way.  I can upgrade to a new furnace that is much more energy efficient and trim my monthly costs.  I’ll be hate to give up on the old furnace, but I’m excited that I got so many years of use from it.


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