I’m not an HVAC expert, but I’m pretty certain that I need to update the gas furnace in my home. The original HVAC was put in nearly twenty years ago, and although I have been trying to take good care of it, the furnace is definitely losing its efficiency. I have routine service performed through our local HVAC dealer.  The gas furnace is cleaned and tuned up every year in the fall. Fortunately, with routine service, I’ve been able to avoid costly repairs, and the gas furnace has been working dependably. Still, I’ve noticed a gradual change over the last few months. My heating bills are getting more and more expensive, plus the gas furnace doesn’t seem to be achieving the thermostat settings consistently. There are certain spots inside our home that feel warmer than others.  This has me worried that maybe the ductwork has become clogged. When the temperatures dips below zero, the gas furnace has a terrible time maintain ideal temperature in the house. There have been a couple of days when the home has been chilly, even after I adjusted the thermostat higher than normal.  I’ve never had so many issues all at once with the gas furnace, so I assume that it is reaching the end of its service life. I’ve done a little bit of research into modern furnaces, and so far, it seems as though there are quite a few of good heating options to choose from. Modern Heating technology has made some major improvements, and I can have a sophisticated gas furnace that is far more energy efficient. I’ll be disappointed to see the old gas furnace fail, but I’m satisfied that I got so many years of enjoyment from it.

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