I’m not an HVAC technician, but I’m can tell that I need to replace the gas furnace inside my home. The original Heating unit was installed nearly three decades ago, and although I have been diligent in taking care of it, the Heating system is truly losing its efficiency. I have routine maintenance handled through my local Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier, so the gas furnace is cleaned and adjusted at least once each year. Thankfully, with annual repair, I’ve been able to avoid major repairs, and the gas furnace has been working fairly well. Still, I’ve noticed a big decrease in performance over the last few months.  My energy bills are getting more costly, and the gas furnace doesn’t seem to be handling the thermostat settings. There are a few areas inside my house that always warmer than others, which makes me think that maybe the air duct are clogged with debris. When the outside temperatures drop below zero, the gas furnace has a difficult time keeping the house comfortable. There have been a few nights when the house has been far too cold, even after turning up the thermostat by several degrees.  I’ve never had such trouble with the gas furnace, so it must finally be reaching the end of its life span. I’ve done a great deal of research into a new gas furnace, and it seems there are tons of good heating units on the market.  Modern HVAC technology has made huge improvements, and I can have a new gas furnace that is more energy efficient than my current unit. I’ll be able  to save money every month by replacing the old gas furnace.

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