I live in the north part of my country, and the winter is extremely brutal. We go months on end with gray skies and not a glance of the sun. The snow piles high outside, forcing us to shovel and plow. I have to shovel a walking path almost every day for my dog, and dig out my mailbox. I must scrape the ice off my windshield before going anywhere in my car. To combat the weather I dress in a wool coat, hat, scarf, and heavy footwear. It is really important what heating system you have when the outside temperatures are constantly below zero. I think the most effective system is the boiler. The drawback is that it doesn’t provide any cooling capability. But where I live, we are lucky if there’s two weeks or so of hot weather, and I like the heat. My boiler keeps my house perfectly warm all winter long, and heats the pool in the summer. Because it uses water and not forced air, the boiler is clean, quiet, and doesn’t blow dust around the house. The heat stays closer to the floor, as it is being infused into the air. I have both baseboard heaters and radiant flooring. There is nothing better than walking around barefoot on heated floors when it is negative ten outside. My warm feet warm up the rest of my body. The system take up no space in the house and is very energy efficient.    

I work as a third grade teacher at a private school in the northeast. Here, the winter begins in September and runs all the way into April. The outside temperature is usually below zero, so it is crucial to run a heater. The system in my school was installed before I began working here, and I’m a twenty year veteran. We have also never had a professional HVAC technician come to clean the ductwork. The dirty ducts and old heater cause the air quality to be awful in the classrooms. When the heater turns on, I cough and sometimes get a severe headache. At the end of the day, my eyes are watery and red. My students suffer nosebleeds nearly every day during the long winter. I have one student with severe asthma. She is most at risk with the heating system. We must keep an inhaler in the classroom, and she must use it a few times throughout the day. We shouldn’t be risking this student’s health for an outdated heating system. I have informed the principal and the superintendent to no avail. All of us are breathing in polluted air and enduring the significant humidity levels. I understand it will be expensive, but that heating system must be replaced.

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Should the weather outside be cold along with snowy, I strive to never go out. Working from home allows me to stay inside for days at a time. I hate the winter weather, and prefer to hide inside my heated condo. All of this is made possible by a wonderful forced air gas furnace that keeps me cozy and warm. I put off getting groceries and let the mail pile up in the mailbox. I’ve discovered that one can buy a lot of necessities off of the internet and have them delivered right to your doorstep. I buy my cleaning supplies, paper items, and hygiene products online. I avoid shoveling the driveway, scraping ice off my windshield and putting on my winter boots and wool coat. I can avoid driving over over snowy roads or pushing a cart through the hot grocery store. Until I have run out of of dairy products, I am able to cozy up indoors. I operate my furnace with a smart thermostat so that I can change the settings from my phone or computer. While I am working at my desk, I don’t need to get out of the chair to turn the heat up, change fan speed, or enhance ventilation. I even get announcements for repair needs and filter changes. The thermostat provides the local forecast, relative humidity level and energy saving tips. It is a convenient way to maintain excellent comfort. My gas furnace and smart thermostat could be two of the only things that make long and cold winters endurable. I’m planning on having perishables delivered to my house so that I can stay inside until spring.

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Every year, my husband and ride our motorcycle across the country.  . We usually travel for about a month, and we take only what we need to survive. We drive several hundred miles a day and have seen a lot of the country. We have ridden from the west coast to the east coast and north to south. It’s been a grand adventure, but we are often exposed to severe weather.  We’ve been through intense heat, bitter cold, pounding rain, and violent wind.  In more moderate weather conditions, we like to find a good spot to set up our tent and camp.  Many nights, however, we find a hotel where we can take advantage of a comfortable bed, hot shower, and temperature control. By the end of the day on the motorcycle, going through the elements, I look forward to having control over the room temperature.  It’s been my experience that the majority of hotels have good working air conditioners and heaters installed in the guest rooms.  Unfortunately, there have been other times when the heaters rattles loudly or the air conditioner stinks like mold. Most often, though, the systems work fine. For us to get a good night’s sleep and be ready to get back on the bike in the morning, I need a comfy pillow, great water pressure and a comfortable HVAC system. It is also wonderful when the system makes just enough noise to drown out any commotion by people in the hallways.


Dancing has become a great passion of mine so I’ve enrolled in a weekly ballet class. The studio I came across is excellent and has several classes for adults that include the studies of tap, ballet, and jazz. The rooms can heat up very quickly with several people in them dancing at a time so the rooms are usually a little chilly when classes are in session. A couple of weeks ago, the room my dance class is conducted in was really cold. It was downright, horribly frigid. My normal dance clothes are normally sweatpants, tights and a tank top but for that week, my normal dance attire was not nearly enough. I kept my jacket on after coming inside because it felt like the furnace in the dance studio was only blowing out frosty air. My dance teacher has been advising all her students in class to leave our sweats on due because it was absolutely frigid and she did not want us to injure our muscles. She also told us there was a HVAC technician onsite trying to fix the heating issue. The good news was that within the hour of the class starting, the heating register was emitting heat rather instead of that wintry breeze. Unfortunately for us, the dance studio did not get their HVAC system inspected regularly and some parts for the furnace were in terrible shape. The local HVAC business contracted to set the furnace did so quickly and efficiently, keeping the dancers free from muscle injuries. Now the HVAC business has since been contracted to conduct seasonal maintenance and routine HVAC inspections for the dance studio to prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

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I truly hate cold weather and snow, and avoid leaving my house in the winter. I am lucky to work from home, so I usually go several days in a row without needing to step outside. Many times, I  go a full week without going outside to the mailbox,. I also procrastinate over getting groceries until my cupboards are bare.  It seems like there is always several feet of snow on the ground with  more either forecast or currently falling. If I must run to the store, I have to shovel a path to my vehicle, scrape the ice off my windshield, and warm my car’s engine for at least ten minutes.  I prefer to stay warm and cozy inside, rather than dress for the outside elements.  Because of the way I feel about winter weather, I have invested a lot of money into my state-of-the-art furnace.  This heating system features variable-speed technology. This means that the system adapts automatically to the current needs of the house.  It can adjust its speed from 40 to 100%. This allows it to run longer at lower capacity.  It also avoids sudden blasts of warm air, fluctuations in temperature, and energy waste.  This modern furnace maintains an evenly distributed heat and steady temperature. The biggest bonus is that it keeps my monthly gas bill very low.  My furnace achieves a rating of 98 percent AFUE. It is also rated by Energy Star. I also invested in smart thermostat, which is paired with my furnace. From this device, I can control all of the settings on either my computer or my smartphone. It is so convenient to be able to adjust the temperature in any part of the house from my work desk. An additional features is that I get notifications regarding maintenance and filter changes. I maintain my furnace exactly as suggested and have an HVAC contractor come out every fall to make sure everything is working as it should be.

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Going on winter, I started having a problem with my gas furnace refusing to stop running. It would start up like needed, and then simply patter forever. The temperature inside the house would continue to climb right up until I manually shut the heater completely off. I tried changing the oxygen filter, and cleaning the unit, but this did not help whatsoever. I finally gave in and called a local HVAC contractor for a repair. Since the furnace is not even a few years old, I assumed it will be a simple repair. The HVAC technician inspected my own heating system and recommended I replace the whole unit. He wanted me to purchase a brand new furnace, which seemed a bit extreme in my opinion. Although the furnace was not necessarily shutting down properly, it ended up being still providing heat. It ended up being still quiet, effective, and electrical power efficient. I was prepared to fork out a minor repair bill, but was unwilling find a fortune into a new furnace. When I complained about this to my neighbor Ted, he volunteered to search over the furnace. Ted is quite handy and does lots of his own household repairs. He looked at the heating equipment and informed me that this problem was simply the thermostat. Ted bought me a fresh thermostat from the local computer store, installed it within one hour, and my furnace was working just fine. Apparently, the HVAC contractor had recommended I buy a new heating unit because this would provide him a larger percentage. I am relieved that I didn’t tune in to him.


I have been saving up to remodel my kitchen going back three years. My cupboards, counters and appliances are positively ancient. I need to gut the entire room, tearing out the surfaces, ceiling, and floors. I wish to replace the sink, faucet, furnace, refrigerator, and stove. I am hoping to be able to afford granite countertops, hardwood pantry shelves, and a ceramic tile surface. The project is going to be super expensive, time consuming, and messy. Before I can even get started, I need to invest in the modern heating system. I already have an ancient radiator in your kitchen, which takes up a great deal of space and is horribly disgusting. The radiator gets extremely hot is dangerous to touch. It makes a substantial amount of noise everytime it starts upward, and I want to get rid of it. Because I have a boiler unit inside the basement, I could easily install radiant flooring inside my kitchen. The radiant heating system might possibly be concealed completely under the floor and undertake no space in my room in your home. Every inch of my floor might possibly be perfectly warm, and the glorious system would operate silently. I know that radiant ground would greatly improve comfort in the kitchen and allow me to set my thermostat a little bit lower. I’d actually save capital on my monthly heating expenditures. Unfortunately, trying to save up enough money to cover the purchase and installation of the radiant heating system, plus renovate your kitchen, is more than I may well currently afford. I am hoping to be able to start my project in an additional year.heater

When the time came that my HVAC technician suggested we install a dual fuel HVAC system around my house, I thought he was starting  to get crazy. It really sounded like an excellent and expensive waste of money (that i don’t have). A dual fuel system is the combination of an electric heating pump and a gas run furnace. I couldn’t figure out why I would ever fathom wanting to install two separate heating systems, since once would complete the task without a hitch. My HVAC technician went on to explain the many advantages of a dual resource system, and I admit that it was an impressing thing. The heat pump eliminates your requirement for an air conditioner, because of a top-notch-quality of both heating and cooling potential. In the summer, the heat pump keeps the home perfectly cool, operates very proficiently, and effectively handles humidity with ease. Being the weather turns colder, the heat pump reverses operation to provide warmth to the house. The warmth pump finds ambient heat within outside air and pumps it inside, which requires not much energy and significantly trims heating cost to you. The system is perfectly dependable, avoiding the concern of water leaking and monoxide poisoning and fire threat. Unfortunately, a heat pump can only effectively heat your property when outside temperatures remain higher than freezing. Once the temperature lowers, a dual fuel system automatically activates the gas furnace. For this reason alone the gas furnace is only found in extreme temperature situations, heating costs are kept in an absolute minimum. The dual fuel system automatically bank’s on the most energy efficient option at all times, making it much more cost-effective when compared to operating a gas furnace by itself.

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Year after year since I was 13, I’ve got attended this same music festival around my city. They bring a unique amount of musicians here every summer as well as some really funny comedians. My friends and I all wear the coolest outfits we can and head to the place. The site where they hold the concert event is a huge tent in the back of an amusement park. It’s technically an outdoor show, but the band and every human in attendance are encased under this humongous white structure. Despite this large tent keeping out the hot sun on a yearly basis, we all sweat massively and suffer from the consequences. Still, this past year the venue added some really nifty cooling equipment under the structure. It was truly amazing. Hanging from beams over our heads were these portable air conditioner units that really let us cool off. Now and again, a mist of cold liquid would fall from the the top of the tent as well. I was surprised that they took the amount of time to install this portable HVAC equipment for the party goers. It worked out really well and most importantly, everyone stayed safe that day. If not for these magnificent air conditioners, I believe someone might have gone to the hospital for dehydration that afternoon. I mean it was over 92 degrees outside. I think they should have cooling equipment at every daytime concert during the warm months. It has the potential to save lives if you ask anyone who was there that day. What kind of venue wishes put their patrons through the unnecessary risks of heat exposure?

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